With sustainability being the key challenge facing the packaging industry, Packaging Innovations and Empack 2022 will introduce two brand-new interactive features, The Big Debate and the Sustainability Trail, when it returns to Birmingham’s NEC on 25 and 26 May. The features are designed to address the challenges being faced by industry professionals at every point of the packaging journey, from conception to consumer. The Big Debate will seek to voice new perspectives on the Government’s latest packaging regulations affecting suppliers, manufacturers, and consumers.

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In 2018, Storopack began its collaboration with the Big Blue Ocean Cleanup, an international nonprofit foundation creating important new Marine Nature Reserves across the British Isles. Initially carrying out beach cleans to remove microplastics and raise awareness, then sponsoring the international cleanup programme, this now extends to supporting the rewilding Marine Nature Reserve initiative. Storopack has now joined forces with a number of its UK customers to collectively purchase a larger area of the new reserve.

With environmental concerns an increasing focus, and the introduction of the new Plastic Packaging Tax now imminent, finding ways to reduce and manage the use of stretch film without negatively impact business is a priority. The Antalis Packaging team has been working hard to develop a raft of solutions that can help companies to achieve their business goals while keeping their environmental reputation intact. For those companies that may have already optimised their film usage, another way to reduce the impact of the Plastic Packaging Tax is by switching to a film containing a minimum of 30% recycled plastic, which, as with other plastic packaging products containing at least 30% recycled content, will be exempt from the tax.

By digitalising their co-packing VAS (value-added services) operations, logistics firms can further differentiate themselves by delivering strategic value to brands looking to rapidly innovate and customise their product offerings in a discerning consumer market, according to Josephine Coombe, Managing Director of Nulogy in Europe. Faster, more responsive service, recall readiness through rapid traceability, and improved quality compliance are just some of the added advantages 3PLs can offer their brand customers through a standardised digital platform for VAS. With software like Nulogy, companies are better equipped to manage and schedule projects, and can respond to the increasingly dynamic changes in order patterns – making them more flexible partners for their brand customers.

Mosca Direct has announced that Arron Widdowson has been promoted to the role of UK Sales Director for Mosca Direct Limited and will oversee all sales activity for the UK business. Arron has been with Mosca for 9 years and has excelled in his role as Growth Manager. Arron will also be part of the Leadership Team for Mosca Hub NE working alongside Managing Director Gaye Tate and Operations, Finance & IT Director Catherine Curcic; taking an active role in strategic, management and organisational plans and decisions for the wider business.

We have every confidence that as the packaging industry moves forward, it will do so in a sustainable way.

George Simpson

Features Editor

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