With the UK’s largest stock holding, Kite Packaging is fully equipped with solutions to satisfy high pressure environments including busy warehouses and distribution centres. These operations warrant professional machinery including pallet stretch wrapping machines with varying degrees of automation. Robot machines represent the height of recent technological advances, granting a huge amount of flexibility, an incomparable level of production and increased safety by removing humans from tasks. Used in conjunction with our performance films, pallet wrap machines can massively streamline operations while cutting costs and protecting our environment through the conservation of material. Within the warehouse itself, you can economise further by investing in the highly durable reusable plastic containers supplied by Kite. From plastic pallets to nestable picking bins, these long-term solutions are built to last with a variety of in-built features designed for convenient functionality when storing and transporting goods.

The consistently variable nature of ecommerce requires ultimate flexibility in order to rapidly scale up or down an operation to suitably fulfil demand. Kite supports this objective through aforementioned automated solutions and products with highly efficient assembly and pack times paired with prime protective qualities to minimise returns. The e-commerce boxes epitomise this with their crash-lock base that grants them the fastest assembly time of all Kite’s boxes. The innovative hivewrap product leverages the strength of the hexagon in its honeycomb structured design to provide excellent shock absorption and flexibility to mould around products. Complete with its own dispenser, the sustainable bubble wrap alternative expands as it is pulled from the roll, reflecting the space saving properties in addition to the cost saving created as a result of its greater strength; less product is needed to grant the same level of shielding.

The average ecommerce customer is very active across online platforms, which can provide your brand with an effective avenue for targeted marketing directly delivered to their followers, who likely share interests and values. Moreover, with 90,000 people searching the term ‘unboxing’ on Youtube every month, the visual experience of unwrapping a package is of mounting importance. Kite supplies a wide spectrum of coloured shredded paper in zigzag or straight cut shreds for an attractive touch that simultaneously prevents movement and damage within a box. By simply grabbing and packing the product, the top efficiency required to excel in ecommerce is not sacrificed. For lightweight, premium products, add a handful of shredded tissue combined with tissue paper wrapping provided on a roll with a dispenser for maximum speed and minimal wastage.

These void fill options are all recyclable and biodegradable to stay consistent with Kite’s overarching aim to protect our environment. Almost all of the product groups are saturated with eco-friendly options and alternatives to popular plastic products to empower your business to have a green supply chain, satisfying the increasingly urgent demands of consumers. Over the last year, Kite have introduced 200 new products which largely serve to fulfil this sustainable market whilst staff stay constantly aware of new developments in the sector.

On a larger scale, Kite have a dedicated team of load retention specialists who can utilise their expansive knowledge to assess your current packaging, carry out a full audit and create superior solutions specifically for your requirements. Whether your packaging could be improved in terms of protective qualities, environmental sensitivity or purely costs, the experts can produce thorough results. The culmination of these eco-conscious efforts results in colossal reductions in plastic usage across the country, increases in the responsible disposal of packaging and an overwhelmingly positive result for our planet. The drive for more environmentally friendly products will not cease; Kite plan to continue sourcing the best products and providing professional audits to help your business achieve your sustainability goals in the coming year.


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