Packaging supply chains have had to cope with Brexit and the pandemic this year. Challenges have included a materials shortage, transportation problems, fuel shortages, inflated shipping costs and backlogs at ports. Unprecedented delays and cost increases in the global packaging supply chain have been caused by materials production issues combined with the Brexit-related disruption to exports and the availability of hauliers. Quick intervention is needed to ensure the market remains competitive for buyers, as well as offering sustainable packaging options that align with sustainability targets, says Neil Savla, director of Rocaba Packaging.

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Kite Packaging has launched a new 100% recycled and recyclable alternative to polystyrene edge protectors. The external edges, corners and sides of items such as furniture or frames are at high risk of damage if not properly protected before shipping. These outer most areas are the most susceptible to impact, making edge protectors essential packaging equipment for businesses sending out potentially fragile objects.

Storopack introduces the FOAMplus Bag Packer3, the third generation of its proven foam-in-bag system. New functions and a whole host of improvements make the Bag Packer3 the most powerful and versatile foam packaging system that the protective packaging specialist provides: all-electric operation with much faster processes, advanced film sealing technology, connectivity, and the option to create foam packaging tubes are just some of its impressive features. The system processes films of 47 and 60 centimetres in width, allowing the user to choose the optimal size based on the dimensions of the product to be packaged.

Samuel Grant Packaging have announced the launch of the Samson Nano Slingshot, which makes their pallet testing laboratory the only EUMOS certified centre for horizontal pallet load security testing in the UK. The Samson Nano Slingshot replicates the inertia of a vehicle and whether the load will potentially displace. The machine can initially test at 0.1G and work up to the EUMOS standard of 0.8G.

Antalis fine-tuned a large fashion retailer’s carton packaging design to achieve savings throughout the packaging and distribution process. The solution has resulted in several advantages for the client, including a streamlined process requiring fewer pallet movements, a 30% increase in packing efficiency, and reduced pallet storage locations in the client’s warehouse from 90 to 30. Financially, the solution will reduce the client’s logistics costs by £132k per annum, the number of temporary staff required, and the cost of materials.

Packaging firms are continuing to innovate despite the numerous challenges facing them.

George Simpson

Features Editor

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