The GoPal pallet AMR is the most versatile multi-talented AMR Robot, not just for transporting pallets. The Robtize GoPal will work autonomously and seamlessly with all end of line equipment including pallet dispensers, conveyors, palletizers and lifters. It will work a 12 hour shift after just one charge.

It will replace fork lifts, long conveyors and save long journeys with manually pushed pallet trucks allowing you to up-skill your operatives for more demanding tasks.

The ROI for a busy AMR is typically 18 months for a 3 shift system. If you would like to learn about the savings we will be pleased to arrange a detailed spreadsheet which will calculate your savings for your individual needs and circumstances.

The GoPal is low maintenance, with no hydraulics and uses clean Lithium batteries and all electric motors. It is particularly popular with pharmaceutical and food operations where messy leaking pipes from hydraulics can be a particular hazard.

We have just returned from the PPMA exhibition in Birmingham where interest for this type of technology has now increased dramatically. Companies are realising pallet automation with an AMR is the future. Of course, the 30% tax incentive currently offered by the Government makes investing in this technology make even more sense.

IBIS Packaging are the sole agents for the Robotize GoPal. Please contact us for further information or for a demonstration, 01639 890609.

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