Tired of unstable and floppy pallets? Tired of pallet wrap that doesn’t do the job? We are too, and we have a solution to solve these worries for logistics managers and warehouse managers alike.

Eastpac Group is a distributor of the revolutionary GripFilm pallet wrap. Using nanotechnology, GripFilm is thinner than conventional pallet wrap, yet stronger, saving you time and money with reduced plastic waste and less product damages and more stable loads.

Due to its self-tightening properties, Gripfilm will retain shape when stretched by pallet movement in transit, thereby reducing spilled loads and creating a more stable and safer load. If you use coloured pallet wrap for load identification, Gripfilm also comes in 9 colours to assist with this.

Possibly the best feature of this new pallet wrap is the fact that due to the technology and the reduced thickness, each roll of pallet wrap holds 480 metres of film versus the 300 metres on a conventional roll. This reduction in thickness, yet increase in strength, will allow workers to use up to 40% less plastic than would be possible with conventional pallet wrap.

GripFilm has not stopped at the innovation in the product itself but have also gone on to develop an applicator for the product that has been designed and tested to reduced RSI injuries suffered by warehouse workers. Weighing only 800g, the applicator is designed to allow quick changing of the roll, tightening of the wrap, and reduce bending for workers as well as being magnetic to allow attachment to pallet racking or other metal surfaces for easy access.

Eastpac Group also carry a wide range of packaging products and machinery including:

•Sigmawrap eco-friendly machine pallet wrap

•STIXX eco-friendly packaging tape that is 100% recyclable and made from 80% recycled content

•Cardboard Shredding Machines to recycle used cardboard

These are just a few favourites of happy customers across The UK, Eastpac Group carries a full range of packaging materials, supplies, machinery and provides consultation services for increasing the efficiency of warehouses and packaging lines.

Interested in reducing plastic waste, increasing your warehouse efficiency, reducing injuries to your workers, and saving money? Visit us at eastpac.co.uk, give us a call on 01733 233 322, or email sales@eastpac.co.uk and we will be happy to discuss your needs.


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