The closure of restaurants prompted many food and drink vendors to explore ecommerce and takeaway options. Now that they have reopened, the lucrative benefits of deliveries or ‘food-to-go’ options have not diminished, causing many suppliers to continue selling through virtual channels.

To meet the huge demand for takeaway products, Kite Packaging has now launched a comprehensive range of sustainably focussed food packaging. Each item benefits from an environmental awareness paired with excellent functionality at an affordable price.

Parts of the range utilise kraft paper as the main material, which uses a self-sustaining production method and is stronger than most other types of paper. Plus, it’s fully recyclable. Kite now supply kraft salad bowls, takeaway boxes, burger boxes and pizza boxes.

Most plastic products in the collection are widely recyclable, sometimes featuring recycled content to further boost your green credentials while providing an optimal standard of sanitation and safety. The technically excellent containers are leakproof and water resistant, making them ideal for sauces, dips, soups or dressed salads alongside a range beverages.

Birch wood has been used as a sustainable cutlery option, boasting enough strength to optimise the user experience without using any more material than necessary to fulfil the purpose of single-use items. Kite’s paper straws emulate this approach, being tightly wound and reinforced to avoid disintegrating while customers consume their drinks while still enjoying great eco-friendly qualities.

The whole range has been expertly collated to include only the best products that adhere to the Kite ethos of supplying environmentally conscious, industrial packaging at competitive prices.



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