Antalis is pleased to announce the addition of the Master’In A-482 friction weld strapping device to its range of packaging accessories.

Master’In is Antalis’ own brand label and therefore gives the reassurance that it’s from a knowledge-leading European packaging solutions provider. The Master’In A-482 is easy to use and simple to adjust, with an ergonomic design and perfect balance, making it easy to use for both vertical and horizontal strapping. The device is suitable for pallet and load securing, logistics sectors, and for strapping goods of light to medium weight.

The hand-held machine is developed for long life operation, with a brushless motor and the latest generation lithium battery – ideal for any packing or shipping environment where polypropylene (PP) or polyester (PET) strapping is to be used.

Master’In A-482 has a digital display with visible parameters (tensioning force, welding time, battery charge level), and adjustable front and rear guides for different strap dimensions. The Delrin gears (lower weight, lower inertia, better performance) lead to more strap cycles per battery, and the device comes with a charger and two batteries included.

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