Antalis Packaging’s reusable pack design reduced waste and increased efficiency in the distribution of car parts for an Aluminium die casting company manufacturing automotive parts.

The Aluminium die casting company, who ship consignments of car parts to another company within the automotive supply chain on a regular basis, required durable and reusable packaging for the distribution of awkwardly shaped car parts.

Previously, the client was having to wrap each car part in bubble wrap before placing in individual boxes, an inefficient solution for both them and the recipient. In an effort to reduce waste and increase efficiency, they required a packaging solution that could be used multiple times, would be easy to pack and unpack, and would be resistant to damp in order to protect the car parts inside.

Antalis’ northern based Packaging Team came up with a solution that utilised divider sets, layer pads and an insert, to hold each piece securely in position. By angling the pieces, six units can be placed in a single layer, with a total of five layers included in each box, with the total height of the box sitting at just under 1.2 metres. This reduced the time taken to pack 30 units (one pallet’s worth) from one hour to 10 minutes. The solution also uses reusable packaging material, minimising the use of materials and avoiding waste.

Todd Smith, Antalis Packaging Technologist, comments “The client was keen to have a packaging solution that would be efficient to use and that could be retained in a constant loop to minimise waste. The key to the packaging design was finding a way to stabilise the parts in a way that meant they could also be stacked. After making a few samples on the CAD table at our Smart Packaging Centre, we came up with the solution that fulfilled all the needs. Our knowledge of packaging materials led us to propose Correx for its versatility, durability, and water resistance.”

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