The global economy depends on the ability to deliver high-quality products at competitive prices to consumers worldwide. Around 70 per cent of global trade by value is carried by sea and is handled by ports worldwide, while air cargo accounts for the other 30%. Once goods are in the UK, the rail network transports cargo to every corner of the country.

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Congratulations to the Pride of Burgundy – P&O Ferries fifth ship on its Dover-Calais route – which recently arrived at the Port of Dover, returning to service with its first sailing in over a year. With capacity to carry 120 lorries, the 28,000 ton Pride of Burgundy will return in freight-only mode, making two return journeys each day. The addition of a fifth ship comes in response to growing demand from British and European customers and will expand options for those requiring rapid and reliable transportation of goods between pivotal markets.

Well done to PD Ports for proudly registering Teesport as part of a new initiative called PortSafe to form a collaborative approach between law enforcement, first responders, partner agencies and industry to enhance security awareness within the UK ports industry. PortSafe, powered by CrimeStoppers, officially launched in March 2021, and encourages registered facilities to raise security awareness through a combination of industry-focused briefings and training sessions whilst also providing a dedicated hotline to allow anonymous reporting for matters of concern. PD Ports already operates a dedicated Harbour Police force whose jurisdiction covers the entirety of the Teesport complex.

A new assessment commissioned by the British Ports Association (BPA) from a leading engineering firm estimates that a fixed-link between Northern Ireland and Great Britain, which is currently being considered by the Government, is likely to cost in the region of £40 billion, with a negligible return on investment. The report, I Have a Bridge to Sell You: Making The Case for Port Connectivity, brings together an expert-led technical evaluation of the Government’s plans for a GB-NI fixed-link, with the BPA’s proposals for a Comprehensive Port Connectivity Programme. The report highlights how for a fraction of the funding, significant return on investment can be harnessed by the Exchequer by investing in more productive infrastructure.

The Rail Supply Group (RSG) welcomes the Williams-Shapps Review (PDF) and the long-term Government commitment to prioritise the needs of passengers and freight under the new single body, Great British Railways. The review presents a once in a generation opportunity to transform the sector and the rail supply chain is ready to rise to the challenge of improving efficiency, accelerating innovation and driving towards a net zero carbon future. The current and future challenges faced by the railway are considerable and the rail supply chain is ready to step up and do whatever needs to be done to deliver the planned reforms, the RSG says.

We salute all in the air, rail and sea sectors for keeping goods moving throughout all the challenges of Brexit and Covid-19.

George Simpson

Features Editor


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