Any user of pallets has to choose between wooden or plastic pallets. Wood is the most popular material for manufacturing pallets, accounting for more than 90% of the total, according to the Timber Packaging & Pallet Confederation (TIMCON). Wooden packaging uses less energy, is easily repaired and can be recycled. There is also the safety aspect – wooden pallets are proven to be less flammable than plastic pallets, TIMCON says.

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However, Jim Hardisty and Chris Adam, who set up in 2001, argue that plastic pallets are hugely resilient, able to be used repeatedly for 10 years or longer, are hygienic and recyclable. One of the company’s most recent proudest achievements is pioneering the UK’s first plastic pallet recycling scheme in 2019, pledging to recycle each and every plastic pallet and box it supplies to customers. was the first plastic pallet supplier to confirm Essential Business status for keeping supply chains moving during Covid-19, speaking out to reassure customers it would “continue business as usual” – obviously taking the vital hygiene and safety precautions, to ensure customers had access to the stock they needed.

Wessex Packaging is the GB distributor for ErgoPack mobile pallet strapping machines, which are used in all the Amazon fulfilment centres and many other logistics and manufacturing companies. ErgoPack’s unique technology enables pallets to be strapped without the operator bending down or walking round the pallet. With a patented system, a chain lance slides under the pallet carrying the strap with it, and feeds it back to the operator.

Exporta Global has the experience, knowledge and products needed to plan and fit out any order fulfilment operations. Products that are popular for order fulfilment include Attached Lid Containers (ALCs) that provide stackable, space-saving storage and secure handling while transporting goods. Exporta also offers load securing products that stabilise larger and palletised consignments, reducing the long-term costs of repair/replacement and customer dissatisfaction due to damage in transit.

Congratulations to Interroll, whose powerful MultiControl, the world’s proven control solution for container conveying, can now also be used for automated pallet conveying. When used with the Modular Pallet Conveyor Platform (MPP), this solution unifies and simplifies the control of 400-volt and 48-volt/24-volt drives. This significantly reduces the planning and installation effort for material flow projects.

Well done to Rack Collapse Prevention (RCP) which has a unique top-supporting pallet racking safety system that is transforming traditional storage and warehouse pallet racking safety. Ideal for at height pallet racking environments above 6 meters, Rhino can be installed in ambient, chilled and frozen environments. RCP’s safety system eliminates the risk from forklift operator error or incorrect pallet stacking.

Whether they are supplying wood or plastic pallets, it is encouraging to see the pallet providers continuing to innovate, keeping goods moving to the end user.

George Simpson

Features Editor

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