Working in a demanding environment can mean even the toughest of Returnable Transit Packaging is susceptible to damages. Keen to reduce the waste associated with damaged equipment, and the cost of replacing it, Stafford Bye Products approached PPS looking for a cost-effective and sustainable solution.

Having assessed the damage to Stafford Bye Products equipment, PPS were able to provide a solution from their repairs service that would ensure damaged equipment was repaired to a high standard, ensuring it could be re-used time and again – alleviating the waste associated with disposing of damaged pallet boxes and Dolavs, whilst also costing a fraction of the price of replacing.

So far, the partnership between Stafford Bye Products and PPS has seen the former enjoy an 87% reduction in waste arising from disposing of damaged Returnable Transit Packaging. The associated cost saving so far is already in excess of £90,000.

Joanne Lee, Group Managing Director at PPS says that the repairs service is central to the company’s sustainability offering, “sustainability is at the core of our services and underpins everything we do. To see our repairs service – which was born out of a desire to help companies reduce their waste – play a key part in Stafford Bye Products mission to achieve their sustainability goals, is incredibly rewarding for us’.

Following further investment in their repairs service PPS have the capacity to repair almost 375,000 items of Returnable Transit Packaging a year, equipment that may otherwise have been condemned to waste.

To read more about the repairs service from PPS visit or call 01283 821 502 to discuss your needs.


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