Libelium is providing a plug-and-play Smart Tracking solution to optimise part of the recycling process in the logistics industry. This solution is already helping to transform how pallet companies improve their sustainability, and could have much wider uses throughout the supply-chain logistics sector.

Libelium is working with Querqus, a pallet company dedicated to the construction and reuse of wooden logistics pallets. Improving sustainability in the industry means ensuring pallets are recycled as effectively as possible, however long waits for clients to load pallets can make proactive reuse of pallets prohibitively expensive. If a standard load in a client’s facility takes 30 minutes, but the truck has to wait four hours before the load can begin, the work of that truck is reduced by 25% and makes sustainable recycling unprofitable for the industry.

Libelium’s smart tracking solution helps to solve this problem. The solution is installed on trucks and can be used across almost any sector to track logistics, to help Querqus understand which clients were taking too much time and work with them to optimise their processes, thus making the whole chain flow quicker. Querqus can now know at all times how long trucks are at customer facilities and suppliers, with its logistics department receiving an alert every time a truck has been waiting at a client facility for longer than the half hour average that it should take to load pallets.

The solution utilises both GPS and GLONASS systems simultaneously to obtain highly accurate position data. This is combined with geofencing sensors which create a virtual border around client warehouses and customer facilities. The smart tracking devices send a 2G signal when a truck enters the perimeter of the virtual border and times how long the truck is at the facility waiting and loading the pallets. Sensors used by the solution are both discreet and robust, being able to survive most shocks and heavy rainfall.

What makes the Libelium solution different to other smart tracking technology is that it comes as one complete package. Traditionally, logistics companies would have to source and purchase separate sensors, software and engineering expertise in order to properly implement a smart tracking solution.

With the rollout of Libelium’s range of complete IoT solutions, logistics companies now have the opportunity to optimise their processes through digital transformation both quicker and at a lower cost.

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