As the nation heads back into another lockdown, it will once again realise how much it relies on distribution and logistics networks. These networks themselves depend on forklift trucks and other cargo handling equipment which are fuelled by LPG and batteries.

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The new Selectiva 4.0 generation of chargers from Fronius provides an innovative solution for charging lead-acid batteries in extra-quick time: using the Power Charging option the state of charge can be boosted from 30 percent to 80 percent in under three hours. This allows temporary utilisation peaks or a change to multi-shift operation to be affected without further ado and with no need for additional manual input.

Black Friday is fast approaching, and as one of the busiest times in the retail calendar, businesses from production to logistics need to prepare themselves for the additional demand placed on their battery fleet.

Sometimes batteries which are in poor health may still manage to get your forklift truck through the working day, but once additional pressure is placed on your fleet through higher workloads during peak periods, the poor battery health which was not noticeable, soon becomes apparent. A Hoppecke energy expert can assess your battery fleet and advise if your current available energy is enough to keep up with an increase in your operational demand. Should you not have enough energy to get through peak periods then Hoppecke can provide rental batteries, chargers and equipment.

The increasing demands of the material handling and logistics industry as well as the diversity of applications of modern forklift trucks require batteries capable to operate under extreme conditions and run longer. Sunlight Li.ON FORCE motive power range incorporates Sunlight’s experience in the design and production of Lithium-Ion batteries for advanced applications into a robust product destined for a broad spectrum of industries, including material handling and logistics.

EnerSys has launched the NexSys PURE PACK battery and on-board charger system. The new comprehensive solution consists of the latest generation of NexSys PURE Thin Plate Pure Lead batteries, combined with an integrated Delta-Q on-board charger and Wi-iQ battery monitoring device. This all-inclusive solution provides a predictable and reliable power source with the flexibility to fast or opportunity charge from the convenience of any 110-volt standard power outlet and the ability to capture a range of key operating data to help ensure peak battery performance and dependability.

Manufacturer Britishvolt has announced a collaboration with Italian design house Pininfarina to build the UK’s first large-scale battery gigaplant at the former RAF base of Bro Tathan, Wales. After decades of working with top brands such as Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Peugeot, Pininfarina has an unrivalled heritage in the transport and automotive sectors. Its world-famous, revolutionary designs will ensure that Britishvolt’s gigaplant is both fit for purpose, and an elegant representation of the future of the UK’s automotive industry.

During these troubled times, the nation can be grateful that LPG and batteries are providing the motive power to keep Britain moving.

George Simpson

Features Editor

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