PALLITE®, a Northamptonshire-based, environmentally-friendly packaging company, has created a lightweight, pop-up, honeycomb-board paper desk to aid home-workers and schoolers struggling for space at home.

By following Government-advised guidelines under the ‘Stay Home, Stay Safe’ campaign, many of the PALLITE® team quickly came to learn that they did not have suitable space to work from home for more than a few days, and those that did, weren’t used to having to share their space with the whole family.

The team quickly pulled together a pop-up desk design that not only resolved sore backs from working in impractical places but also allowed rooms in their homes to quickly be transformed into offices. Seizing the opportunity to help others who are in the same situation as their staff, PALLITE® added the pop-up desks, as well as a junior version for children aged 3 to 8, to their portfolio of transit packaging and warehouse storage solutions.

The desks feature the same honeycomb deck used to make PALLITE®’s range of logistics, packaging and warehouse storage solutions. The desks weigh less than 3.6 kg and can be assembled in less than a minute. What’s more, the desks are easy to dismantle and pack away, or if no longer needed, they are 100% recyclable so can be put in normal household recycling bins, just like cardboard.

Dean Kahl, Marketing & PR Manager at TAG Catering Equipment UK commented, “After a slight furniture rearrange, I now have a proper workstation in our second bedroom, thanks to the sustainable PALLITE® Pop-Up Desk. The kitchen table wasn’t sufficing, despite having an office chair it was too high causing backache.”

PALLITE® know first-hand the financial pressures on businesses at the moment and are conscious of the strain on people. Keeping this in mind, the desk range starts at just £21.99 – a price that PALLITE® was keen to keep as low as possible.

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