EPAL guarantees that all its pallets are ISPM15-compliant. This means they are free to move through customs across Europe.

Wooden pallets and packaging that originate within the European Union are generally free to move between member states without having to meet international ISPM15 standards.

However, if the UK leaves the EU without a deal, it will become classed as a ‘third country’. This means all the wooden pallets exported from the UK will need to be heat-treated and marked as ISPM15-compliant – and may be subject to official checks when entering, or after entering, the EU.

Closed-loop pallet pools are far from ISPM15 compliant, so there is only one way to be 100 per cent confident that your business will continue to be able to export smoothly after Brexit: ensure your pallets are ISPM15-ready as standard.

As EPAL pallets are ISPM15-compliant as standard, users can guarantee to their customers that, if the UK leaves the EU without a deal, their pallets won’t cause unnecessary delays.

Other benefits of using EPAL pallets are that they are: safe for loads of up to 1.25 tonnes; kiln-dried, giving them extra strength and durability; and specified ‘as new’ whenever they are repaired.

To find a local EPAL supplier, visit: www.epal-pallets.org/eu-en/

For any further questions about EPAL pallets and joining the EPAL network, contact EPAL UK & Ireland: info@epalukireland.com

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