Would you like to focus on your core business instead of trying to manage your Returnable Transit Packaging like pallets, liquid and bulk containers?

Contraload are the “stress relievers” when it comes to managing plastic load carriers and we understand your challenges in the Food, Pharma and Beverage sectors.

Pooling Rent or Buy

Together, we will find the best solution for you. We offer three options. You can pool, rent or buy your load carriers from us. If can’t decide what is the best solution for your company – let our industry experts work with you to find the best solution and help implement it in your supply chain.

We offer high quality “conditioning” services in our own managed locations where we prepare plastic RTP assets for use with the latest inspection, wash and if required, repair techniques. This alongside our Quality Accreditations gives you peace of mind that the assets are ready to be used when you receive them.

We are able to offer conditioning services for equipment that you already use and own such as plastic pallets, bulk boxes and top frames.

Innovation & Sustainability

Contraload is constantly striving to innovate through the products we pool and rent and the services we offer. We do this through our knowledge of applications, technologies and automation that is used in the markets we work in. Contraload works with the key product manufacturers of RTP assets across the world to develop solutions to make your business run more smoothly and cost effectively.

We use the very latest technology in our assets to manage and track them across the countries and locations where they are being used – we see the load carriers and control them to take away the pain from you! Re-use is the key word. It is essential today to move away from single use packaging and utilise multi-use recyclable packaging.

Contraload facilitates the re-use of packaging as well as the re-use of the raw materials used in the load carriers.

We have done this thousands of times a day every day, right across Europe for over 15 years.

Get in touch and challenge us!


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