With the festive season just around the corner most businesses will be preparing for the Christmas rush. Many companies will increase their working hours and those using forklift and pallet trucks may find the batteries need charging before the operators finish their shifts. The easiest way to manage the extra demand is to have spare batteries, that way, whilst one battery is being charged you can use the other, so your operation doesn’t come to a halt. The main problem here though is the cost, especially if you only require spare batteries during seasonal peaks. This is where Triathlon Battery Solutions can help. “Triathlon has a wide range of rental batteries we can hire to customers on both short and long term contracts”, said Jon Wells, Sales Director at Triathlon. “The main benefit of renting a battery is you only need to pay for the time the battery is on hire and therefore you’re only paying for the time you actually need the additional power. What’s great about Triathlon is that we have no minimum or maximum rental period either and we’re flexible too. If you decide you want to keep the battery longer, just let us know and we’ll extend the contract”.

Whatever your battery requirements, Triathlon can help. They have a very large inventory of stock so if they don’t have the battery you need in their rental fleet already, they can build one and even better, rental batteries can usually be delivered to site the day after you place an order. Triathlon operates its own fleet of delivery vehicles, including 2 large wagons capable of carrying over 20 tonnes of batteries so they can react quickly to ensure your operation is kept up and running.

In addition to offering rental batteries Triathlon also offers a range of lead acid and Lithium-Ion batteries which can be purchased outright or on finance and a variety of components and accessories. They also employ a nationwide team of professional and highly skilled service engineers who can carry out planned maintenance or emergency repairs.

No matter what your battery requirements are, Triathlon Battery Solutions UK will have a solution for you. Why not call Triathlon today and arrange for one of their professional Account Managers to visit you to discuss your battery needs.

Triathlon® Battery Solutions

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