Forklift batteries aren’t a primary concern for warehouse managers or business owners, to quote Derek Anderson, ECOBAT Industrial’s strategic director. But by taking steps to maximise their batteries’ usability, reliability and lifespan, warehouse operators can directly contribute to their organisations’ overall profitability.

Ensuring customers get the greatest return from the batteries in their fork trucks and other warehouse equipment is the cornerstone of ECOBAT’s VERTU package, which delivers real-world savings over a standard battery and conventional 50Hz charger. For a large counterbalance truck working an eight-hour shift, the payback period is less than a year for trucks working a single shift and seven months for a double shift pattern. ECOBAT also offer lithium service packages for both batteries and chargers, to ensure customers enjoy the maximum benefit from their investment.

Another leading motive power suppplier, EnerSys has extended its range of Life iQ modular chargers. The new 96V and 120V products allow charging of the largest electric materials handling machines, including counterbalance trucks and replacements for heavy duty IC engine types. Until now, says the company, no industrial charger manufacturer has overcome the legislative and other associated barriers to supporting these large vehicles in such a modular format.

On the housekeeping front, it costs €37 to charge a 120V 1500Ah battery with EnerSys’ modular chargers, versus €50 using a ‘50Hz’ charger. The modular chargers also eliminate conventional chargers’ tendency to overcharge batteries by up to 20%, with all the implications for energy wastage and reduced battery life.

It’s been a busy couple of years for Hoppecke. In 2018 they introduced several innovations into the UK, including a new HF premium battery charger and a dedicated battery and charger rental service, and all engineers now carry loan chargers in their vans.

In February Hoppecke promoted Stuart Browne to Operations Director – Sales and Service. Bringing sales and service closer together under Stuart means Hoppecke can offer innovative, flexible and rapid solutions to meet customers’ changing needs.

In their latest move Hoppecke has now created a new division for its lithium-ion storage technology business, which has seen huge growth in demand over recent years, to the point where Hoppecke has the UK’s largest installer base for lithium-ion technology. Based in Zwickau and Paderborn, Germany Intilion will operate as a separate company within Hoppecke Group, ensuring the company can focus its strategy on the future demands of the lithiumion battery market.

And finally, congratulations to Exide Industries, Espex Batteries Ltd’s parent company, on receiving double honours at the SAP Innovation Awards 2019. The company’s Connected Battery Initiative won the Global Industry Disruptor Award. Exide was also recognised as an innovation leader on an international scale. Espex Batteries promise that the flow of new technology and ideas will keep coming, as Exide is keen to promote its Culture of Innovation throughout the global business.

They will be announcing some new products at IMHX, which we look forward to previewing.