Industrial shredder manufacturer UNTHA UK has become a far more renowned name in the warehousing and logistics sector in recent months, following the UK launch of its new QR machine.

Capable of tackling a variety of input materials ranging from plastic lump to production waste, this high throughput, low maintenance shredder also boasts impressive pallet shredding capabilities.

In fact, the wood shredder can process up to 30m³ per hour with industry-changing results.

Explaining the research and development of this new equipment, UNTHA UK’s managing director Marcus Brew said: “At UNTHA, we believe in solving clients’ problems. So, when it came to designing a nextgeneration wood/biomass shredder, we spoke to operators around the world to support our R&D.

“The goal was to achieve trouble-free waste wood shredding, recycling and biomass production. And the outcome of the operator collaboration is a feat of engineering that delivers some of the industry’s highest throughputs, with the lowest maintenance efforts.

“The single-shaft machine can produce high-quality fraction for wood chip, biomass or briquetting, but ease-of-configurability guarantees maximum application flexibility for what can often be a challenging business environment.”

Key features of the QR include maintenance-free pusher technology for maximum yield and uptime, large chambers and greater drive power to achieve increased throughputs, and an interchangeable screen with 12- 100mm diameter options for fraction homogeneity. Variable drive configurations also help to ensure optimum outputs.

A resilient drive protects the robustness and longevity of the machine, low wear parts minimise the whole life costs of the shredder, and integrated gears provide added ease of maintenance. A foreign object protection mechanism allows ‘unshreddables’ to be extracted safely and quickly, and the QR’s touch screen control panel with remote diagnostics enhance operational simplicity. In fact, the wellbeing of the operator has been carefully considered throughout, with the machine ergonomically designed so that maintenance can be carried out in an upright position.

Marcus concludes: “For many firms, pallets are a crucial part of warehousing and logistics. But for others, storage can prove problematic. The catalyst for a shredder investment could therefore be volume reduction or a drive to become more environmentally responsible.

Either way, the QR is attracting attention because a simple planned preventative maintenance plan is all that’s required to preserve optimum operational conditions.

“That means less time spent on the upkeep of the shredder, and more time actually shredding!”

The QR is available to purchase outright or clients can opt for one of many flexible packages from UNTHA Finance. A three-year warranty is also offered.


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