The use of returnable transit packaging (RTP) is just one of many ways a business can become more ‘green’, however, the benefits of returnable transit packaging are more than just environmental. Case studies indicate that investment into packaging and equipment that can be used repeatedly, can financially benefit businesses in the medium-long term, favourably impacting on the bottom line. The idea is to treat packaging as an asset rather than a disposable.

Common packaging problems often see products repeatedly handled, packed and repacked several times before they reach the end user. Typically, original packaging is unsuitable for safe transport from either the origin or off -load destination. In addition, products may require an element of security or accessibility the original packaging does not provide or fully consider. Recognising and limiting these processes and the need to significantly reduce disposable packaging in favour of sustainable, cost effective RTP is a priority for many business, globally.

The UK market leader in the benefits of returnable transit packaging within a supply chain is Palletower(GB) Ltd. Boasting an impressive global portfolio of retail and logistics customers, the large and diverse number of businesses that use Palletower’s equipment is a testament to the solutions that they provide on a global level. Palletower’s product knowledge and consideration of these common problems within supply chains was the catalyst that influenced the design and manufacture of a range of returnable, storage and logistics equipment that specifically overcomes many of the issues associated with RTP.

This diverse product range with vast stock volumes, provides functional low-cost equipment that is essential to the modern supply chain. The core product range features nestable roll pallets and collapsible stillages that improve utilisation of vehicle space, resulting in the reduction of vehicles needed for return trips, giving an improved ROI and less impact on the environment.

Palletower’s market leading design nestable ‘A’ Frame Roll Pallet has had a significant impact across a wide spectrum of industries and is quite possibly by pure virtue of its design and functionality, the most versatile nestable mobile roll pallet container of its kind, the ultimate RTP. Virtually eliminating double/triple handling, products are picked directly into the roll pallet, transported directly to the shop floor or end destination. Its quick and simple nestability means when emptied or not in use it can folded down 4 to 1 to maximise return logistics or save warehouse space.

Palletower’s ex-stock range with over 40 designs of roll pallets is the UK’s largest. The range has been developed to offer off the shelf solutions and benefits for many different industry demands. Standard features include plastic bases for noise reduction and improved hygiene, multiple gate options for ease of access or security and a wide variety of sizes to suit every application. Each roll pallet is manufactured to the highest standards of durability and strength available in the UK market making it an essential feature in RTP industry.

Palletower’s reusable returnable packaging range is enhanced by their Hypacages, Retentions Units and Plastic Pallet Collars, all of which are available from their large stocks.

Hypacages, collapsible wire mesh cages, are practical, convenient ways of storing and retaining unstable products without the need of a traditional pallet or additional disposable packaging. Stackable and safe for transport, units fold to less than a third off their original height when empty and neatly stack on top of each other.

Retention Mesh Frame Units work in conjunction with traditional timber and plastic pallets, securing and protecting palletised products, incredibly userfriendly and no need for disposable packaging. Easily collapsed and conveniently fold, the retention unit provides vast utilisation of vehicle space for return trips and reduced transport costs.

Palletower continue to invest and endorse the use of returnable transit packaging within a supply chain. Their revolutionary new design plastic collar is the result of 2 years development and a significant £50,000 investment. This lightweight easy to use collar is gaining widespread use within online home delivery logistics, as a key piece of flexible RTP.

The correct piece of RTP can help with more than just transporting material and products from one link to another. It is necessary to look at the bigger picture to understand the key financial benefits of improved RTP within the warehouse and supply chain.


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