David Rose, Sales Director at The Alternative Pallet Company, discusses a new breed of pallet in town.

According to the Oxford dictionary, a pallet is: A portable platform on which goods can be stacked, stored, and moved.

But you and I both know pallets far more intimately than that. They’re great big, heavy hunks of wood that get thrown around your warehouse, give you splinters and generally are pretty disgusting when you think about it.

They get passed from place to place, and get dragged around filthy yards and dirty floors – it couldn’t possibly get more unsexy. But they’re probably also the most overlooked part of your supply chain for that very reason. But there’s a new breed of pallet in town. One that you should take note of. An alternative pallet.

And I’m not talking about plastic or corrugate or metal. I’m talking about paper. Yes, that’s right – paper and primary school favourite, PVA glue.

And you might be thinking of a cardboard pallet. Which essentially could do the same thing:

– Save you money on air freight by reducing weight – Improve cleanliness, ideal for pharmaceutical or food products

– Reduce damages and injuries as they have no nail

– Or just a more environmentally friendly option.

But let me tell you about paper pallets.

A paper pallet is like the better looking, stronger, version of the cardboard pallet. If corrugate is the Mercedes of the pallet world, then a paper pallet is Bugatti Veron.

Its performance is off the grid – you won’t believe what it can stand up to. You don’t have to worry about it buckling under a heavy load – in fact it’s so powerful, it can hold up to 750kg per pallet.

Imagine having all the benefits of corrugate but you don’t have to worry about it being weak. Sound good? You really ought to try a PALLITE®. It uses honeycomb board and the latest core-winding technology to deliver optimum strength whilst weighing as little as 4kg.

And PALLITE® doesn’t just come as a pallet either. The range includes pallet boxes, insulated boxes, layer boards, pallets and pallet feet. Whether you’re looking for a standard size or a bespoke solution, the PALLITE® team are ready and waiting to help you discover how much money you could save.


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