A lot has happened in the last 12 months to shake up our export world. The British Government are supporting businesses to sell more overseas. BREXIT has changed the value of the pound (making it more attractive to sell overseas). America has a new leader that will no doubt have an impact on world transactions. And many more businesses are now making more profit by swapping their heavy wooden export pallet to a lighter Pallite®!

Tenuous link? Possibly – but this is the pallet focus section for Warehouse & Logistics News, so surely no complaints for that!

Nearly a third of our GDP is generated by exports and we’re told the world is getting smaller. Coupled with this pressure continues to mount on businesses to generate more profit.

Increased profit comes from two sources. Increase your revenue or reduce your costs.

Pallite® are proud sponsors for the Air Cargo
Operator of the Year Award at Multimodal


Choosing the right pallet is the same as choosing the right method of transport. After all, we don’t ALWAYS drive to our destination in our cars. If our journey is long and we need to get there quickly, we’d probably fly. If heading into central London, we’d probably take the train and tube. We pick the most logical option for that moment in time.

Selecting the right pallet for the right time is the same. Why would we elect to use a heavy wooden heat-treated pallet that needs to carry 600kg of product for air freight when we get charged for the gross weight – so in this instance 625kg? Why not choose a lighter Pallite® and reduce your overall chargeable weight to 605kg?

And the best bit? The Pallite® will probably cost you the same as the wooden one, so if you’re charged £2 per kilo – you’re generating an extra £40 of profit per pallet by opting for a lighter Pallite® pallet.


Many exporters are choosing a Pallite® over a heat-treated wooden pallet because it’s a lot harder for mould to grow.

Mould can take over a load that’s being shipped by spreading from the wood, but the Pallite® is typically a much drier product. This means it’s less likely to be conducive to mould growth. So, less mould, less damaged product, less refunds means more profit.

There are many pallet choices out there, but 2017 might just be the year that the humble Pallite® range could deliver that extra profit needed to keep the bosses happy!

Pallite® team are proud to be exhibiting at & sponsoring this year’s Multimodal exhibition, they look forward to meeting you on stand 7082.


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