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Given that we first talked about Christmas back in October about how Pallite® can help Santa reduce CO2 emissions, then in November we highlighted the potential weight savings to Santa and the reindeer of using our product, it should come as no surprise to you that it is our favourite time of year. It would be remiss of us not to take this final opportunity to tenuously link the benefits of Pallite® to something seasonal (I say “final” but clearly mean only for 2015).


Bad Waist

A survey by Unilever flagged that the Christmas host spends on average £112 on food alone for Christmas dinner, but in reality is would take them nearly four days to eat everything purchased. That is either bad planning or simply that we really prefer cold turkey, sprout patties and gravy that has been reheated on at least three occasions.

The reality is that we nearly all do this because we always have. It does not seem to matter that we may know there may be a better way to do things. Perhaps it is worth a rethink this Christmas on what you buy; both for your dinner plate and for your pallet solution.

Bad Waste

Even after all the overindulging we are left with horrendous amounts of waste. This year it is anticipated that Britons will throw away over 250,000 turkeys, £17.2m Brussel sprouts and more than £7m mince pies (The list goes on and on but I only get a few hundred words for this article so I will stop there). It really is a waste of money and puts additional unnecessary pressure on production around the globe and ultimately on the environment.

Good Waste

The Pallite® range works hard to ensure that there is such a thing as “Good Waste”.

Our product takes pressure off the increasing demands on forestation and the wooden pallet market as it is manufactured from 80% recycled papers and at the end of the useful life it is 100% recyclable. Each Pallite® could be made from a previous incarnation.

Go on – Spoil someone

So on behalf of all of the team in Wellingborough we hope that your plates and trucks are full (but not overloaded). If you are out of ideas on what to buy the “loved ones” or work colleagues (assuming you cannot find the “Old Spice” or “Tweed” gift set) then we can definitely recommend a Pallite®. If you give us a call to find out more, then it will definitely make our Christmas and we are confident that it will mean you have a fantastic start to 2016. Season’s Greetings Patrick Mulhall (Managing Director)

Tel: 01933 283920

Email: marketing@pallite.co.uk


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