SSI Schaefer has supplied and installed a brand new trackless mobile shelving system for Nottinghamshire Police, achieving an impressive 80% increase in existing storage capacity.

The system, which now houses over 7500 euro sized plastic containers for material storage, was chosen and installed into an existing 325m2 office floor area due to its simple, yet innovative trackless design – the mobile solution from SSI Schaefer offered an alternative approach during the tendering process.

Vince Chiverton, Retained Property Projects Premises Officer, Nottinghamshire Police, said: “SSI Schaefer’s trackless mobile shelving system was the perfect solution for our storage requirements – as it has enabled us to keep the existing floor at the same level – if we had opted for a traditional system, a false floor would have been necessary in order to accommodate the tracks, resulting in on-going disruption whilst increasing the height of existing doorways.

“The new system now allows easy access to all of our material storage in a central location rather than being stored across several satellite sites. The trackless design also eliminated a number of health and safety aspects – without the number of traditional guide tracks and ramps normally associated with mobile shelving, the surrounding trackless mobile shelving environment becomes much safer – no trip hazard. In addition, the order picker selected by Nottinghamshire Police to access the upper level of material boxes, would have become unsteady over a ramp.

SSI Schaefer designed the mobile bases to accommodate the extra wide shelving bays needed to optimally store five boxes along the length of each shelf and in doing so, the entire complement of boxes was accommodated within the existing office space – an impressive 80% increase in storage capacity has been achieved by installing a trackless and mobile shelving system.

A trackless mobile shelving system is ideal for businesses looking to increase existing storage capacity with little disruption to on-going work and minimum installation damage – only one rear guide track needs to be fitted leaving floor coverings undamaged.

Less prone to breakdown over traditional systems, a trackless system is quick and simple to install, providing an easy to clean, low maintenance, modern and compact storage facility that can be integrated onto any surface and relocated at any time with ease.

Available in a variety of heights, depths and aisle widths, the trackless shelving system really is the perfect storage solution for many different sector areas. Due to its simple, yet streamlined design, it is particularly useful within general office, museum and archive environments whilst also being the ideal storage system for the cleanroom industry, notably those within the pharmaceutical, healthcare, chemical and research sectors.

Fitted with wheels at the base of each shelving unit, SSI Schaefer’s trackless mobile shelving significantly reduces the immediate load impact on the floor – a significant advantage when installing directly onto a raised access floor.

SSI Schaefer

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