It is no secret that a large percentage of warehouses still have staff roaming aisles to pick stock for orders and complete daily tasks. Although this is an accepted method of working, this way of operating is greatly inefficient, with studies showing 50%-70% of staff time is spent travelling between bins rather than doing the job they are employed to do – fulfil orders.

This norm of having pickers walk and collect products is currently being challenged by larger organisations like Amazon and Ocado, who are utilising robotic warehouse automation to streamline their distribution and fulfilment processes. With these larger companies ultimately changing the status quo when it comes to order fulfilment, consumers now expect faster delivery in order to receive their products quicker and more conveniently. As a result of this, businesses predominately relying on human labour are starting to feel the pressure of fulfilling demand more quickly and costeffectively.

As well as the changing warehouse dynamics, labour shortages are also becoming a concern for many businesses. From migrant workers choosing to leave the UK in the build-up to Brexit, to staff choosing to chase higher salaries and better benefits at nearby businesses, the demand for skilled workers is beginning to intensify. To cope with the increased sales demand, businesses can find themselves employing and filling their warehouse with unskilled workers which consequently results in high rates of staff turnover instead.

Many businesses don’t realise the true cost of a warehouse picker, but when it is broken down there are a lot of factors to be considered. The National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage mean basic salaries are always increasing, on top of Employer National Insurance contributions, performance related bonuses, pension contributions and day to day management costs.

Taking both the changing warehouse dynamics and the rising labour costs into account, the result is many companies fighting to deliver the most streamlined service in order to win more sales and encourage repeat custom. With companies like Amazon using Robotics to drive their rapid rates of fulfilment and curb growing labour shortages, more and more businesses are, and soon will be, following suit so that they can continue to compete. As a result, the companies which fail to keep up or innovate more than their competition, will see profits fall.

Drive Efficiency and Cost Savings With OrderWise Warehouse Robotics

When it comes to innovating business processes, it is not necessarily about making radical changes but working smarter, streamlining operations and being more cost-effective. Bearing this in mind, automation within the warehouse is key.

With OrderWise Warehouse Robotics, businesses can benefit from state-of-the-art warehouse automation that can link seamlessly to existing ERP systems or be used in-conjunction with our own awardwinning Business Management Software for a complete end-to-end solution. An affordable solution, our robotics technology has been expertly manufactured, developed and tested in-house, promoting faster fulfilment at a much lower cost.

From massively increased pick rates to optimised warehouse storage capacity, OrderWise Warehouse Robotics help to increase throughput without the burden of additional costs. As well as this, OrderWise Warehouse Robots can also work autonomously in the dark without heat or light, allowing products to be collected during the night and lined up ready for staff to pick the next day.

By implementing an OrderWise Warehouse Robotics solution, businesses can reap the benefits of technologically advanced fundamentals that deliver a fast ROI. In fact, our research has shown that businesses using OrderWise Warehouse Robotics can, on average, see a return on their initial investment between 12- 24 months.

So, if you are looking to not only maximise efficiency and order fulfilment, but also massively reduce costs and maintain competitiveness, speak to us about our Warehouse Robotics on 01522 704083 and quote “WAREHOUSE & LOGISTICS NEWS”.


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