Yuasa Battery Sales (UK) Ltd has launched its new Pro-Spec range of semi-traction batteries featuring advanced charge technology to deliver extra power, higher reliability and prolonged service life. The new batteries are designed for use in electric vehicles such as golf carts and mobility vehicles as well as materials handling equipment, access platforms and floor cleaners.

The Pro-Spec range of batteries has been specifically designed to provide durability and long life in deep discharge use. Unique state-of-the-art plate barrier prevention and separator systems minimise self-discharge and maximise both the out-of-use storage period and the number of recharge cycles, yielding more power and reliability while prolonging the battery’s service life.

Vibration resistant and maintenance free, the new Pro-Spec batteries are available in eight models – four 6V, three 8V and one 12V. Three terminal styles are available across the range encompassing embedded (ET), dual-fit (DT), and standard terminal (ST) types. The four 6V batteries feature 20hr rate capacities of 210, 225, 240 and 260Ah while the 8V models offer 170, 190 and 240Ah. The 12V model 20hr rate capacity is 150Ah.

Technical features include PP resin moulded case and lid for reduced weight and improved shock and acid resistance, special lead alloy cast terminals with special plating to minimise heat generation and electrical resistance and maximise vibration resistance and engineering structure cap to vent gas out and allow easy refilling in the event of maintenance being required.

Pro-Spec batteries feature separators manufactured from porous rubber to resist acid corrosion while offering excellent physical characteristics and lower electrical resistance and cells feature micro-fibre glass mat to prevent active material shedding. Battery plates are fabricated from the highest quality material with negatives 99.9% pure lead combined with positive corrosion resistant grids both featuring hard paste with specific additives for maximising deep-cycle performance.

Yuasa Pro-Spec batteries are designed for use with intelligent charging systems able to provide constant-current/constant-voltage controlled charge profiles. Available from stock in January 2012, the new Yuasa Pro-Spec family provides a long-life battery for use in the most demanding deep discharge applications.

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