At AvantiGas, we know the importance of keeping a fleet of fork lift trucks running for long periods to keep your products in the right place at the right time.  This is why AvantiGas has a technical support team dedicated to designing the right fork lift truck filling station for your purposes. AvantiGas offer a tailored LPG storage and supply service informed by your fuel usage and in line with local regulations. Our team of LPG experts will analyse your current and projected usage, and devise a cost-effective solution that takes into account available storage space and HSSE considerations. The service comprises installation, supply and service, and is tailored to meet your business objectives.

Advantages of AvantiGas’s Tailored Solutions:


Our field sales team will visit you, and with the help of our technical experts, design a bespoke installation that suits your operation and complies fully with local HSSE standards.


All you need to do is agree where the fork lift truck filling station needs to be located and make available an electricity supply, a hard standing base and some vehicle protection, and we will do this rest. You’ll be left with a safe and efficient fork lift truck energy solution designed to keep your fleet working for long periods.


We’ll supply all the technical support required to build a safe tailored solution, which will include a bulk gas vessel to the correct size, which will store the LPG, and an electric pump to transfer the LPG into the fork lift truck via a dispensing unit. This installation will have all the safety features you would expect from AvantiGas.

AvantiGas also offers a telemetry system which wirelessly monitors customers’ levels of fuel, enabling firms to replenish LPG levels well before the current supply runs out. This consistent supply of energy ensures greater productivity for customers – essential for those who get the most out of the working day.


After the installation is complete, we will supply a training package and support for your drivers to fill their fork lift trucks safely every time.


The uses and merits of LPG to power fork lift trucks is well known by many operators, manufacturers and distributors of these industrial vehicles – it is a cleaner burning, efficient and safe fuel source. Results driven businesses demand cost-effective, reliable solutions such as LPG.  A relationship with AvantiGas could be one of the wisest moves you’ll make – it could improve your business performance by streamlining your fuelling operations. A wide variety of optional equipment is available to help you to get the most from the service.

Advantages of AvantiGas’s Bulk Supply:


Drivers often change cylinders at the end of their shift, and some users have shown that depending on the temperature, the product and the equipment, between 5 to 15 % of the LPG remains in the “empty“ cylinder. With the bulk solution there is no waste material, and the time needed to change empty for new cylinders is eliminated. Storage and control of cylinders involves space and time resources that are significantly reduced with the bulk solution.


Your welfare is of the utmost importance to us. Safety is improved with the easier refuelling system of the bulk solution – and it means that the process of changing old for new cylinders is eliminated. High quality equipment is designed, manufactured and installed by AvantiGas to recognised international standards. The maintenance of the vessel is maintained by AvantiGas, and is visually checked by drivers with every delivery.


The bulk solution offers a more reliable and efficient supply, reducing delivery intervals and the time needed to manage a delivery. Operational costs are reduced through fewer refuelling stops, and operators will know exactly when refuelling should be carried out. The level gauge in the tank of the fork lift informs a driver when a refuel will be necessary, allowing work to be planned better: this means that the driver shouldn’t run out of LPG while working.


The main advantage LPG from AvantiGas has over diesel powered fork lift trucks is that it is more suitable for use both inside and out. It means that an LPG powered fork lift can move easily and efficiently between the two environments – a vital benefit to a business whose margins depend on getting the most out of the working day. Compared to diesel, LPG is less harmful to the environment. Because it is dispensed from a sealed unit, there are no evaporative pollutants, nor any spillage risks. LPG also emits fewer harmful greenhouse gases and pollutants such as unburnt fuel and soot. There are stringent hygiene laws in the food and pharmaceutical industries, which have imposed strict controls in the workplace – with LPG, goods in these industries can be transported with less risk of contamination. All in all, it makes for healthier conditions for these goods – and a better working environment for forklift operators.

But the benefits don’t end there. LPG fuelled fork lifts require less maintenance than their diesel powered counterparts, due to the cleaner burning properties of LPG. They are quieter and vibrate less too, thereby reducing noise pollution levels. Fork lifts using LPG can run for longer periods between refuelling – they only require an average of three refuels a day, each taking approximately five minutes. Efficient, versatile, cleaner burning and safe. It’s not surprising that results driven businesses are making the move from diesel to LPG from AvantiGas to fuel their fork lift trucks.


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