Leading FMCG manufacturer, PZ Cussons, has handed its pallet pool contract to leading European pallet pooler, LPR. The contract will see all movements of well-loved beauty, household and hair care products, such as Imperial Leather, Original Source and Carex, transported in the UK on LPR’s distinctive red pallet.

With increased automation in PZ Cusson’s manufacturing process, the requirement for high quality pallets was paramount and LPR’s reputation for the most robust pallets in the industry led to its appointment. LPR is working across PZ Cusson’s supply chain so the benefits of its one way trip offering are felt throughout the manufacturing process.

LPR’s one way trip offer means that administration of the pallet pool is significantly reduced for PZ Cussons’ logistics team. Since LPR and its logistics partner, TDG, undertake all pallet collections from retailer distribution centres, sort every pallet every trip and undertake repair where required, this means PZ Cussons can focus on more important elements, such as getting goods to store.

James Harris, Head of Logistics at PZ Cussons, comments: “The importance of pallet quality can’t be underestimated when it comes to the fast-paced retail supply chain. With increasing automation in our plants we had to have in place a partner that could provide reliable and consistent quality as the impact and cost of a pallet failure is significant. We’re delighted to be working with LPR; its distinctive red pallet is synonymous with high quality so this, coupled with its one way trip offer, means we have a robust, sustainable and cost-saving solution in place.”

PZ Cussons’ own logistics providers optimise their fleets by collecting pallets from LPR and taking them to the manufacturer’s Chadderton and Salford facilities, where more than 400 different product lines are distributed to UK retailers. This has a positive environmental impact as PZ Cussons reduces vehicle movements by collecting pallets on the back of its existing delivery schedule.

Jane Gorick, managing director of LPR adds: “We’re delighted to be working with PZ Cussons and delivering quality and process benefits from the outset. As a dedicated FMCG supplier, we understand the issues faced in the retail supply chain and deliver efficiencies and savings both above and below the line. The one way trip is becoming the preferred option with many of the UK’s leading brands as a way to improve internal processes and gain environmental credibility too.”


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