upn_vehicle_001The UK’s largest supplier of corporate clothing has selected UPN depot 1, Martyn Barratt Transport, to help it manage logistics for many of its major projects across the UK.

Dimensions Clothing is responsible for clothing over 3 million people a year and supplies thousands of different uniforms to many of the world’s best known organisations in both private and public sectors. Following a management buy-out  from the Johnson Service Group, Dimensions now includes Boyd Cooper, Yaffy and Dimensions Direct.

Today, the company distributes over 55,000 individual garments every day, with  complex installations for many of its larger clients. The UPN depot is currently managing between 20 and 25 per cent of all customer deliveries undertaken in the UK for the corporate clothing business.

Marc Essex is the Production Manager at Dimensions and he explains the key challenges, “Our business has grown tremendously over recent years, both through acquisition and organically. Because our customers are such world class operators, they demand the very best service available and the sheer scale of projects can be staggering. In each case we work in close partnership with our clients to produce and execute detailed project plans. Our projects may be complex, but our needs are simple – we require the right product with the right customer at the right time.

Because we work with the biggest clients, there will always be more opportunity for error. Many large clients may run seasonal campaigns over Easter or Christmas and this can place a greater demand on our team of logistics partners, who must react with lightning speed and flexibility.”

The company used to work with a smaller logistics provider but decided to review its logistics activities, following its successful management buyout. At that stage, it was clear that there was a requirement for more flexible logistics suppliers, who could scale operations smoothly to meet shifts in demand. Marc continues, “We are a high profile supplier in our sector and have a strong reputation to maintain. Our logistics must be of the highest quality but also as green as possible. The UPN model, by its very nature, is the most efficient way to transport smaller consignments of palletised freight and it has also proven to be very robust. Martyn Barratt Transport does a great job for us and has taken the time to understand our business and our customers.”

xda_screen002This year, the depot has undertaken many projects for Dimensions, including the staged delivery of 100,000 fleeces for one retail customer across 1,500 sites. It has also undertaken complex, time-sensitive deliveries of nearly 1,000 security uniforms to the Wimbledon championships. These were all transported as palletised freight to the security company, which then hand-delivered individual uniforms to every guard employed at the event.

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