freight-scanning-3Changing patterns in the distribution industry are making the Palletline solution increasingly attractive to customers who need to achieve best value combined with ‘best in class’ performance in a very demanding economic climate.

Over the past two years, no other pallet network has moved as fast as Palletline to optimise services and opportunities for customers nationwide, developing new services and enhancing existing offerings.

In 2008, the network took the sector by storm, introducing a range of groundbreaking technological developments that revolutionised the way Palletline controlled and managed its operational systems. The organisation now provides a technology solution which is more advanced than many of the leading European 3PLs, providing total freight transparency from collection through to delivery.

The changes have impacted across the business, increasing efficiency, further enhancing quality control systems and opening the door to a range of new services offering added value for customers.

By mid-2009, development and integration of new technology was already enabling the organisation to function more efficiently than any other palletised distribution network in the country. Advancing technology remains key to the company’s future development strategy and direction, with Palletline continuing to innovate to drive the industry forward.

Palletline’s forward-looking solution has taken on the value and scope of a more expensive 3PL offering, providing a realistic alternative across the supply chain.  In short, the technologically enhanced network can provide a comprehensive range of services from warehousing to distribution, yet on a far more economical ‘on request’ basis.

In addition, the implementation of Palletline’s innovative Project Vision, a technology driven step change, has enabled the organisation to act as a freight facilitator for its member companies, moving beyond operations as a pure pallet network routing smaller consignments through hub systems.

dscPalletline Member Companies are now using these industry leading web-based systems to exchange freight on a ‘virtual’ basis, without physically transhipping through a hub, continuing to benefit from established Palletline advantages including full freight transparency and digital proof of delivery via the Palletline IT system.

As a direct result, Palletline Member Companies are increasing capacity by sharing fleet resources, reducing empty running, improving cost effectiveness and providing improved service levels for end users.

Today, Palletline aims to provide a much broader, environmentally sound range of services into the marketplace. Here, the pallet network solution is just one component of a total package used by Member Companies and their customers, enabling these organisations to achieve greater return on investment. As a result, customers are attaching far greater value to working with Palletline and its Member Companies, working to drive out cost throughout the supply chain.


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