drysafe-recupExide Technologies has launched a new range of monobloc batteries featuring spiral wound AGM technologies. The drysafe RECUP (short for recuperation) batteries require no maintenance (including topping up) as the electrolyte is suspended in an Absorbed Glass Mat. The main benefit is that they offer superior high power performance (such as large power draws over short durations) and are well suited for fast and/or opportunity charging as they can accept a high charge.

They are ideal for a range of applications including:

• electric pallet trucks

• automated guided vehicles

• hybrid and electric cars (especially those that use regenerative braking)

• electric boats

• go-karts

• cleaning machines.

The spiral-wound design gives a greater surface area of positive and negative plate within the cell and is the most efficient way of liberating the stored energy from a lead acid battery. As well as being maintenance free, they are vibration resistant, can operate effectively in low temperatures and have minimal health & safety implications –  due to the electrolyte being suspended in a glass microfibre mat; no electrolyte is spilt even if the battery case is damaged. They can also offer 450 charging cycles.

The drysafe RECUP batteries are best used in conjunction with high efficiency chargers such as Exide’s compact 2100 range of chargers (also available in on-board versions).

The technology has already been used successfully in record-breaking electric cars and boats as well as the ground-breaking Project ULTra personal rapid transit system at London Heathrow.

RECUP is an acronym:

R echarge at high currents (fast charging, regenerative braking)

E conomic (energy efficiency)

C yclic (good cycle life)

U nique micro-cycle durability (long lifespan)

P ower (supports discharging at high currents)

Exide Technologies


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