palletforce-fft-case-study-appdThe benefits of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in the forklift market have been widely recognised over recent years with all of the major equipment manufacturers offering LPG models in their product ranges. Calor’s forklift truck National Account Manager Jason Whitwell says that with numerous developments in the LPG market the case for LPG has never been stronger.

Highlighting the advantages of choosing  Calor, the UK’s leading LPG supplier, Jason says: “There are numerous  benefits of switching to LPG including reduced emissions compared with diesel allowing trucks to be used inside and out, and the avoidance of lengthy charging periods associated with electric trucks. However, operators choosing Calor can enjoy even more fuel supply benefits.”

As a cleaner burning fuel than diesel, using LPG already results in lower carbon emissions from engines, less oil contamination and less overall engine wear, however two innovative features, unique to Calor LPG cylinders, mean an even cleaner fuel supply.

Inside every LPG cylinder is a tube that extracts the fuel inside ready for it to be burned in the engine. Traditionally, these tubes have been made from metal that can easily corrode inside the cylinder leaving small particles which are then sucked into the engine system causing issues with the vehicle’s maintenance and efficiency. In contrast, Calor cylinders utilise  a ‘memory plastic’ tube that reduces the risk of fracture and breakage, meaning less residues or particles are deposited.

However there still remains a small risk of particles in the fuel supply from the corrosion of the interior of the cylinder itself. To overcome this, every Calor cylinder includes Magnatract™ technology; a small magnet to attract any loose metal to prevent it from entering the engine.

For larger fleet customers requiring bulk tank supply, Calor boasts a series of productivity boosting tools.

calor_0457-appdWith increased capacity over cylinders, Calor’s Fixed Fuel Tanks mean that trucks can operate for longer and refuelling is quick and easy eliminating the need for manual lifting and replacing of cylinders. With the company’s telemetry system, The Think Tank®, fuel levels are constantly monitored alerting Calor when a top up is due meaning that the customer no longer needs to manually order deliveries and should never run out of LPG.

Finally, Calor offers a team of experts in the materials handling market that works with customers to identify their individual needs and offer a fuel solution totally tailored to their operation. Jason continues: “LPG supply goes far beyond merely the supply of gas or the fuel price. Discussions with an LPG expert with the right technical capability can ensure a hassle free conversion to LPG as well as providing a package of ongoing technical support, safety assurance and training.”

For more information on Calor’s innovative supply solutions, visit, call 0800 626 626 or email

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