woodfordesWoodforde’s Brewery is a byword for consistency and excellence amongst brewers of cask conditioned ales and their customers around the country. Maintaining optimum levels of freshness and quality demands fast and reliable product distribution – a significant challenge when your brewery is located deep in the Norfolk countryside.

Woodforde’s serves a wide range of customers nationwide, from High Street stores through to individual pubs and pub groups, and demands a national distribution solution capable of meeting the requirements of its customer base, with guaranteed next day deliveries vital to meet the needs of this fresh, live and individual product.

Palletised distribution specialists Palletline have been working successfully with Woodforde’s Brewery through local Member Company Anglia Freight for almost 10 years. Delivering throughout Norfolk and further afield, Anglia Freight and Palletline provide a fast and efficient service, distributing both bottled and cask ales whilst collecting and returning to Woodforde’s the empty casks as part of a specially designed ‘round robin’ service.

“It all works smoothly and effectively – we rely on Anglia Freight and Palletline for over 60% of our total distribution requirement,” stated Dennis Nudd, Managing Director for Woodforde’s Brewery. “The return leg delivery of empty casks also makes life easier for our wholesalers, who may be guesting our beers anywhere in the country, and also matches our requirement to achieve a more energy efficient solution in line with our commitment to conserving natural resources.”

It may well be a ‘green’ solution, but that approach is further enhanced by Palletline’s advanced technology which plays an important role in both customer service and product security. “Online booking enables Woodforde’s to enter jobs directly into the system, whilst PODs are scanned to the web which saves both time and money for everyone,” stated Geoff Moulton for Anglia Freight.

Palletline’s efficient and affordable distribution solutions are now enabling Woodforde’s Brewery to ensure their customers continue to enjoy lovingly created real ale recipes supplied to an outlet near them!


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