bmnewlogoThis year, B&M Associates celebrate 20 years of business in the field of pallet management and control, having saved clients substantial amounts of money through good management and best practice. With established relationships and a proven track record with many blue chip companies, B&M continue to manage and track their client’s pallet and hired equipment movements with a dedicated team, headed by directors Lee Fry and Simon Blair.

When dealing with hired equipment, it is essential to have some form of control in place and many companies already have this, either internally or externally. Although you may have this management structure in place, having control doesn’t necessarily mean being in control and the full potential of savings may not always be met. With specialists like B&M your current processes will be reviewed and they will offer anything from advice to a fully outsourced option. Although seen as a business on-cost by some, by out-sourcing pallet control to B&M, not only does the service pay for itself but savings over and above that cost are often realized, particularly with users of large hired equipment pools.

There are a number of questions that need to be asked to understand if you are in control, such as:

• Are you being charged for more pallets than you can account for?

• Have you received large additional invoices for write-on costs following an audit?

• Have you been charged Lost Equipment or Late Declaration Fees?

• Do you find the invoice long- winded and confusing?

• Do you have difficulty in reconciling movements against the invoice?

These only cover the main issues in pallet management but the B&M website shows more details of what to look for to determine if there is a problem. Although this may indicate an issue, B&M always recommend an analysis and review of your current situation which they can perform in an initial free consultation period. This will then determine whether there are any issues and what steps can be taken to eradicate them, either by improving internal procedures or using one of the different, flexible and tailored services B&M offer that suit your situation.

If you use pallets or other hired equipment and would like to see if you can start to save money with one of the most experienced and long established equipment management companies in the country, then visit their website or contact Simon or Lee on 01664 810 000.

B&M Associates

Tel: 01664 823600


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