The Kite Group have significantly advanced their operations by investing in 3-D scanning technology. The Solidworks scanner bundle will radicalise the packaging technologist department by slashing the time taken to create bespoke packaging products for companies predominantly in the aerospace, defence, engineering and automotive sectors.

The hi-tech device scans 3-D objects into a digital software that can be processed by the Kite team into a useable file. For most relatively small parts, the scanning procedure can be completed in under ten minutes. An entire drag car can be fully scanned in a matter of hours whereas previously this work would have spanned over multiple days.

Kite’s specialist divisions have received full training in utilising this technology and are poised to begin transforming the service they offer to their customers. Once a product has been uploaded onto the software, the team can reverse engineer custom packaging products to precisely fit the article in question. This can take the form of Thermoform trays, corrugated structures or any other solution a business may require.

This sophisticated technology can integrate a customer’s own products into virtual sample rooms, presenting them in boxes or on workbenches. Virtual reality customer tours will illustrate all the packaging possibilities open to them without the workload and expense of creating physical models or demonstrations.

A scanner will be present on Kite’s Mobile Packaging Laboratory which travels up and down the country direct to customer’s sites. Acting as another tool in their extensive arsenal of professional equipment, the scanners and their accompanying services can be booked now.

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