Vacuum chamber technology produces incredible space reduction results and can also keep the contents of a bag completely stationary for a minimised chance of damage via collision. For this reason, vacuum machines are popular tools amongst mechanics or DIY distributors who frequently need to hold multiple small items firmly in place within a package: nuts and bolts, for example.

However, almost any industry can see the practical advantages of creating a vacuum around their product. This packaging prevents bacteria from corroding a product, making it a hygienic solution for food, in addition to protecting clothing from dust or dirt for pristine retail presentation.

Kite’s latest model offers all of these excellent functions at a highly economic cost affordable for even smaller businesses or domestic use. Additional features include the integrated guillotine blade the allows the user to neatly cut vacuum pouches down to size before sealing them. This lightweight and compact machine is intuitive to use and does not require any special training, reducing the usage cost of the solution further.

Pair with Kite’s specially designed embossed vacuum bags for added security; the textured surface increases the friction to further restrict movement. With a highly durable 90 micron thickness, these bags also have an easy tear incision at the pre-sealed end for convenience when the item safely reaches its destination.

Used in conjunction, these products provide a professional level of sanitation and security at a price suited to most budgets. This will be the lowest cost machine in Kite’s range of impressive vacuuming products, available now at

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