The loading bay is one of the busiest areas in large warehouses and distribution centres and must be perfectly designed for productive and efficient operations.

Large warehouses require efficient loading and unloading of goods at the loading dock. Horizontal and vertical movement of a trailer can cause uneven transition or trailer separation from the dock. TransDock levellers’ offer a smooth transition from the vehicle to the warehouse providing the most efficient solution to ensure safe movement of goods.

TransDock, a division of BID Group Ltd are proud to launch their newly designed dock leveller to bridge the gap between the loading bay edge and the docked vehicle. Available with hinged or telescopic lip, the leveller is manufactured to individual customer specification at their premises in Bolton and can offer a full range of solutions specific to your project requirements, with fast turnaround times and competitive prices.

Luke Henshaw Production Manager at Trans Dock comments: “A recent project Trans Dock carried out was for a major UK supermarket where Loading Bays have become unusable due to extensive wear and tear. Overuse had caused the deck welds to fail, the power pack to seize, ram seals had split and large parts of the lip was damaged causing dangerous sharp edges.

Trans Dock fitted new 6000kg Dock Levellers, swing lip style, with front pit leg to suit a very bespoke 350mm deep pit. The Pump and Ram position also had to be altered to suit the customers tail lift vehicles.”

TransDock also offer a complete range of cost effective loading bay products ranging from dock levellers and fast action doors to dock shelters, buffers and vehicle restraints, required to make unloading, loading and transportation easier, reduce operational costs and provide a safe working environment.

Dock shelters and seals protect goods and employees from the elements and keep the correct building temperature controlled while the doors are open for the necessary loading and unloading of goods. There are a multitude of benefits found in creating a seal between the vehicle and loading bay. Hygiene, efficiency, insulation, and safety are all instantly improved with a dock shelter. TransDock shelters are compatible with both single and double deck trailers.

A top airbag assembly that seals on the top of the trailer will further protect goods and personnel from the weather during loading and unloading as the curtains actually make contact with the side and roof of the trailer. This will keep out not only bad weather but also help minimise the loss of cold air from the warehouse.

Buffers are designed with protection in mind. They are there to prevent and reduce impact damage between vehicles and buildings. TransDock has a large selection of hard-wearing buffers available which are easy to install and require minimal maintenance. Wheel guides can be provided to ensure vehicles are aligned and in the correct position for offloading and loading.

TransDock ensures that the best cost-effective solutions are recommended with realistic timelines, so that companies can operate from the unit within an arranged programme of works and within a budget.’ Our experienced engineers and fully equipped fleet of vehicles are available on 24hr call out.

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