Warehouse owners face the continual conflict between managing their overheads and maintaining productivity. Making the warehouse environmentally friendly and cutting electricity bills can save a business a huge amount. Poor lighting accounts for 34% of warehouse electricity bills, making it the biggest single consumer of electricity in warehouses. Switching to LED lighting has a faster influence on energy use and overheads than any other energy saving solution.

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Aurora carried out a lighting upgrade for builders’ merchant Gibbs & Dandy. Due to the number of various applications, Aurora carefully selected a range of LED products to ensure each space was appropriately illuminated, ranging from 600×600 LED flat panels in the office space to LED high bays in the retail trade counter area. Through Aurora’s calculations, Gibbs & Dandy will achieve energy savings of 16,000 kWh per month, not inclusive of the impact of the microwave sensors, equivalent to an average cost saving of £19,200 annually.

Drinks giant London City Bond needed efficient lighting for its left, right and centre transfer aisles, 13 picking aisles, pedestrian walkway and goods in/out area and installed Ecolighting’s Pegasus LED high bay and Altos emergency LED lighting into the new West Thurrock warehouse. The warehouse was assessed by Ecolighting and 47 280W 120 degree beam angle and 151 200W 30 degree beam angle Pegasus LEDs and 74 Altos emergency lighting luminaires were chosen as the best solution.

P4, the UK’s largest independent self-testing emergency lighting specialist, has again been breaking new ground by becoming the first to be awarded an enhanced level BSI kitemark for lighting. Certification to the BSI Mark of Trust Kitemark for IoT Devices was achieved in March this year for their Fastel systems M-Web Controller Ecosystem following rigorous testing by BSI’s highly skilled team at its state-of-the-art IoT laboratory. The kitemark for IoT (Internet of Things) devices is designed to address the potential for cyber threats to all internet-enabled products.

Energy savings and efficiency optimization are high up on the to-do list of industrial companies today. Therefore, LED drivers providing excellent performance in the lower power range are in ever-greater demand. OSRAM has responded to repeated customer requests and added a 75 W variant to its OTi DALI product family which so far only consisted of 100 and 150 W devices.

East Midlands Forklifts operates a large fleet of forklifts from 1000kgs up to 10000kgs and keeping them properly serviced and clean is a top priority. As an environmentally conscious company it wanted a wash bay that would ensure that it used minimal amounts of water and that all oils, greases and other contaminates were securely separated and not discharged into the drains. The Trime X-Splash has all of these features and its’ portability means that East Midlands Forklifts can dissemble it and reinstall it should the firm decide to move premises.

Lighting a warehouse with old fashioned lighting technology will account for 70% of the energy bill. Switching to LED will both save the business money and help save the planet.

George Simpson

Features Editor

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