When there are tough economic pressures on businesses, we often focus on a reduction of costs within the supply chain. It goes without saying that profitability is crucial to business survival, but what may not be so obvious, is where those costs are, and what should be removed.

Often the focus is on price, how much do I pay per….. Now the big question is per what?

So, from my 25 years of experience in helping customers securely wrap their pallets for the lowest cost per wrap I want to share with you the primary cost in wrapping pallets.

The cost is this……

A lack of synergy between your pallet, the wrapping material, and the wrapping method.

So, first question is why is this a cost? Would you put a fuel like Shell V Power Unleaded into a Ford Fiesta or conversely does a Ferrari perform at its optimum with Tesco Value fuel? (Other brands available.) I think we would all agree that the answer is no.

So, if your pallet wrap machine only stretches 100% would you be getting the best out of a 300% capacity film? Again, the answer is no.

If you have a pallet that is unstable and weighs 700kg would a 12mu film give you the optimum wrap? My answer to this question is, “it may do”. Now please hear me out.

Firstly, why do you wrap your pallets? It is normally to ensure that the product stays on the pallet, with adequate rigidity, until it arrives at its destination. The key words are “adequate rigidity”. The next question is then, can we achieve adequate rigidity with a 12mu film. The answer is, for sure you can. But is that the most economical way to achieve the level of adequate rigidity?

So, adequate rigidity or stability must be achieved, whatever film or method you may use. Then look at how economically you have been able to wrap your pallet.

Our new webinar series will answer these questions, (and much more), and will provide you with actionable steps to remove costs from your pallet wrapping operation. The series starts in early August 2020, and we will share with you, the top tips on how you can achieve the best results from your pallet wrapping operation.

To find out more, or for an invite to the webinar, please e-mail or visit our website

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