New from Dolav is the Ace 460, a shallow, hygienic pallet box. It holds 445 litres and at 580 mm tall, is ideal to avoid crushing softer or delicate loose products such as tomatoes or chicken portions. Shallow assists manual product handling. Like the standard Ace 1000 at 740 mm high, the Ace 460 is also a one-piece moulding with three integral runners for safe tipping. It weighs 33.4kg, has a max stack load of 4500 kg and with its 1200×1000 mm footprint, it inter-stacks with the standard Ace.

Options include solid or perforated walls and drain plugs. The new Ace 460 box has the same proven strength and hygiene of the standard Ace, confirmed by Campden BRI as “Hygienic design.” The Dolav Ace is available in ten standard colours from stock.

Detectable plastic

Both Ace boxes can have Dolav’s detectable plastic option, coloured red or blue. It enables plastic detection by X-ray and standard scanners. Performance is test-proven by Mettler Toledo. Dolav detectable material also meets FDA guidelines on foreign objects in food products. Additionally, Dolav offers an antimicrobial plastic option for additional food safety.

Hygienic antimicrobial plastic

Dolav’s antimicrobial technology from BioCote® provides food-factory processors with surface protection from contaminants. It can reduce the presence of microbes, such as bacteria and mould by up to 99.5% in two hours. This innovation enhances the already-hygienic Dolav Ace box pallets and plastic pallets.

New! Hygienic Plastic Pallet –The Dolav MH 1000

Dolav has just introduced a strong and hygienic pallet for the food sector. With three integral runners, this solid plastic pallet has no cavities or crevices for contamination to hide, ensuring its hygienic properties. With very smooth hygienic-design moulded corners and edges, it is easy to clean and dry.

The Dolav MH 1000 is hygienic and engineered for automatic logistic centres. It offers detectable & antimicrobial plastic options.

At 1200x1000x160 mm, it is engineered to be suitable for automatic logistic centres. It has excellent racking performance. It weighs 22 kg. Standard with no rim, options include a 6 mm or a 20 mm outer safety rim. For fast cooling, Dolav has designed excellent airflow through hygienic holes in the perforated option.

With the reinforced racking version for heavy-duty hygienic use, the dynamic load increases from 1800 kg to 2000 kg and racking load increases from 1250 kg to 2000 kg. The reinforced pallet weight increases but to only 26.2 kg. The Dolav MH 1000 plastic pallet offers detectable and antimicrobial options.

Visit Dolav on stand R261 at Foodex 2020



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