Tim Clarke stepped down as PSS Chair at the end of December. After three years in the role, Tim hands over to David Brown, Chief Executive of The Bristol Port Company. David takes up the reins with effect from 1st January 2020.

A spokesperson for PSS, said: “Under Tim’s Chairmanship, PSS has taken on a far stronger industry leadership role. He seized the opportunity of being a new chair to engage with and listen to leaders throughout the sector. From there, we crystallised key priorities and created a focused strategy and vision for PSS. In the three years of Tim’s watch we have succeeded in radically enhancing PSS output and impact. In keeping with the spirit of PSS mission and values, Tim’s approach has been to engage and build, to empower and to give time to learning, sharing and to valuing people. We have also benefited from his experience of other sectors, particularly railways and his eagle eye for opportunities to do things different and better.”

Tim Clarke, Chair, Port Skills and Safety, said: “PSS has real value to the industry, based on relationships that have been nurtured over many years. The SiP guidance triple-badge is unique to this sector. It has been hard won and must be actively maintained. In PSS, ports have an effective and vital means of engaging with regulators and stakeholders, raising standards and demonstrating by action that the industry is wholly capable of, and fully prepared to, continuously improve health and safety. Going forward, I am confident that David will be a passionate advocate for truly safe and healthy workplaces and wish PSS and the team every success for the future.”

“On behalf of the PSS team and membership, we would like to offer our wholehearted thanks to Tim for his wisdom, encouragement, patience, relaxed good humour and focus on people and values. It has been a pleasure working with Tim and we wish him the very best in his future endeavors.”

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