When it comes to optimising packaging operations, the choice of machine tape might not be at the top of the list, but its importance is undeniably one of the most important factors when it comes to protecting your products.

Choosing the optimal machine tape

First of all, think about the performance of the tape. Generally, a low-cost tape won’t provide the strength or versatility needed to secure your goods safely, leading to an unwelcome amount of failed shipments. Another point worth noting, is the overall usage of machine tape. Many businesses tend to ’double-up’ on the amount of tape being used when low-performance is realised. This leads to an increase in waste, cost and time taken to complete each package. Instead, a high-quality machine tape could actually save costs. It will provide the level of adhesion to secure your goods, giving them the best chance at arriving safely. Don’t be fooled by false economy.

Recent study

A food subscription company, who had problems with damages, recently switched out their packaging tape for Supatak machine tape. To test the performance of their previous tape, 5,346 boxes were shipped, resulting in 356 failures – a fail rate of 6.65%. To compare the performance against Supatak machine tape, 16,036 boxes were shipped. This resulted in only 4 failures – a fail rate of 0.00034%. Supatak made a massive impact as a failed shipment includes of refunding the customer, paying the courier to dispose of the package, paying a fine to the courier, and worst of all, no delivery for the customer – which could mean losing the customer entirely. An incredible saving in the cost of failed shipment.

Supatak machine tape

Swiftpak’s Supatak Machine Tape is uniquely formulated to deliver consistent high performance in all applications. With resistance to splitting, abrasion and moisture, Supatak Machine Tape is a great choice for any business looking to save waste, time and money. What more? It’s also available as an eco-friendly solution: Reinforced self-adhesive paper machine tape.

Putting Supatak to the test

To the naked eye, there doesn’t seem to be a difference between Supatak and the market leading machine tape. Thus, to get a better understanding of the performance compared to the market leading machine tape, Swiftpak sent Supatak and the industry standard machine tape to an independent laboratory for testing.

Over a series of 10 tests, comparing peel adhesion, tensile strength, dynamic shear, elongation and loop tack to various surfaces, Supatak was the clear winner. Swiftpak found that Supatak performed on average 30% better than the market leading adhesive.

If your business is a regular user of machine tape, contact Swiftpak today and see how Supatak can work for you.

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