The largest distribution centre in the UK has benefited from an LED lighting upgrade featuring enhanced products and integral lighting controls.

The main contractor was employed to modernise Goliath, the largest distribution centre in the UK covering 61,877 sqm (666,044 sq ft) and comprising a 16.2m high bay warehouse and an 8.4 m picking and dispatch area.

The lighting scheme was developed with a focus on compliance, a flexible and adaptable controls system and reduced installation points. Also a centrally tested emergency lighting system was required. In order to deliver this, Whitecroft Lighting supplied the Aerial Industry luminaires with increased lumen output, integral wireless PIR detectors and COMEPS, an automatic central test system for the emergency light fittings.

The Solution

To deliver the required lighting levels using a reduced number of luminaires whilst providing a compliant scheme, e-Light LED engines were incorporated into the Aerial Industry luminaires. The e-Light modules increased the light output by 37.5%, from 24,000 to 33,000 lumens. As a result the project lighting brief was achieved and the client and installer requirements were satisfied.

The Aerial Industry was fitted with an integral PIR detector which communicates wirelessly to form zones and networks and can be simply programmed or reconfigured by the installer using an app and mobile device. The COMEPS emergency system guarantees regular testing and reporting with reduced maintenance costs. Consequently, Goliath was transformed into a highly responsive and agile space ensuring the facilities meet the business needs of future tenants.

Key project facts

•500+ Aerial industry with integral control

•37.5% Increased Lumen output using e-Light LED engine

•666,044 sq ft of space

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