Loading bays can be dangerous places for visitors, but buying loading bay equipment can also be a risky business. With vehicles and workers continuously moving, poorly planned and designed loading bays can cause confusion and accidents. HSE stats confirm loading bays are accident hot-spots, with falls and crushing the two main causes of injury or death. Vehicle “creep” or “drive off” often results in major injury, and 12% of fatal or major workplace accidents occur while loading or unloading.

educes the risk of accidents and litigation, reduces unwanted tampering and theft and is suitable for HGVs including with tail lifts. The new COMBILOK interlocks with existing dock products and doesn’t require civil works. Installed in over 3,000 loading bays on 34 sites, STERTIL’s Key management is recognised by ROSPA as a reliable method of preventing drive off.

If you’re ordering a new loading bay, you can choose to be patriotic and buy British. Dock Solutions’ pitch is that supporting British manufacturing creates jobs and career opportunities. Their steel comes from British steel companies. They source a maximum number of parts from the UK. Their dock levellers don’t travel far, so aren’t overly contributing to global warming! Dock Solutions hold thousands of stock items including dock bumpers, traffic lights, loading bay lights and more.

With 45 years’ experience and offices in 10 countries Easilift is one of Europe’s leading loading bay providers. It is also the UK’s leading provider of Double Deck Trailer Lifting Platforms. With loading bay solutions from lower cost countries, It’s important to check equipment is made to the relevant standards. For dock-levellers this is EN 1398, for Lifting Platforms it is EN 1570 and for Doors it is EN 13241-1.

Hörmann is Europe’s number one in loading bay doors, with over 80 years’ experience in door construction. Hörmann has doubled its number of service engineers over the last year and in the first half of 2019 achieved a 15% annual increase in turnover and 30% growth on service. The new Training Academy at the Coalville headquarters has been instrumental.

In response to growing demand for tote de-stackers L.A.C. Conveyor Systems & Automation have developed a stainless-steel unit that can stand alone or work with other machinery, helping smooth out supply lines whilst making best use of manpower. The de-stacker also has a positive impact on health and safety, removing some of the heavy workload involved with de-stacking due to crate separation along with finger trapping and manual fatigue, while ensuring rapid and accurate delivery of trays into the production system.

Finally, ELOKON’s ELOprotect safety system has won an FLTA Safety Award. ELOKON ensures forklifts operate at a safe distance from personnel in VNA warehouses, preveningt accidents between trucks and pedestrians and truck-on-truck collisions. It is automatically activated when a truck enters a narrow aisle and if a person, other forklifts or obstacles are detected it emits warnings and brings the vehicle to a standstill.

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