First of all, Sean, can you talk us through the different products Durable UK provides?

Sean Starkey, Managing Director of DURABLE UK Ltd.

DURABLE is a premium manufacturer of warehouse and logistics solutions including innovative signage, slip-resistant floor markings and time-saving labelling systems.

Our award-winning signage range DURAFRAME® has been one of our fastest growing categories in recent years. Our extensive range of different size, colour and attachment options makes DURAFRAME® the one-stop-solution for all internal signage.

We also have a range of floor safety markings which includes shapes, tapes and signs that can quickly transform a busy warehouse into a safer working environment. The entire range is self-adhesive so they are quick and easy to install, plus all of the products are slip-resistant and ISO compliant.

Due to the increasing strain on the UK warehouse sector through online retailing and services such as next day delivery, our labelling ranges have been in high demand and in the last 18 months we’ve expanded the range by over 68%. The most recent additions to the range include magnetic ticket holders and pallet sleeves.

As well as these core logistics products we also offer over 1800 other workplace products such as namebadges, bins, cleaning products, filing solutions and much more.

What sets your company apart from other manufacturers in your category?

Our entire range of warehouse solutions are manufactured in Europe meaning there is no need for Far East sourcing and long lead times. At Durable we pride ourselves on having full control of our value chain and extensively test our products, which results in award-winning and high quality solutions.

Our team of over 700 employees’ worldwide not only work to bring new and innovative products to the market, but also allow us to offer after-sales services such as our free to use DURAPRINT® design software.

We’re also extremely proud to offer next day delivery on over 1000 products from our UK warehouse, whilst keeping our on-time-in-full rates exceptionally low.

What business sectors are your customers in?

Our customer base is hugely varied and spread across multiple different sectors. During our 100 years of trading the working world has drastically changed and in that time we’ve gained customer in sectors ranging from IT to facilities management.

We’ve managed to maintain such a varied customer base for such a long time because our main strength has been to manufacture products that support these changing working practices and meet demand.

Which of your core products and solutions are you presenting on your stand at IMHX?

At IMHX we will be showcasing our extensive warehouse solutions range which spans across 6 different categories.

Alongside our innovative signage solution DURAFRAME®, full range of anti-slip floor markings and warehouse labelling range, we will also be showcasing our extensive collection of workplace solutions.

Not only can visitors see what we have to offer, they can get hands on with our award-winning products and get the chance to take some away with them.

Why should busy professionals from the warehouse and logistics industry take time out to visit your stand at IMHX?

Many of our existing customers see DURABLE as their one-stop-shop for their business needs due to our large product portfolio.

IMHX is the last opportunity to see all DURABLE products in 1 place this year, so those attending will have the chance to see just how much we can offer them and kick start a new working relationship with us.

Our team will be on hand all week to discuss visitors’ requirements and our products in depth, so this is an opportunity not to be missed.

What do you see as the main benefits to your company from being involved with IMHX?

IMHX will give us the chance to meet with our existing customer base. It’s always good to see some familiar faces and share ideas. We’ll also use the opportunity to showcase the DURABLE name and our latest products to those who may not know us. For this year’s IMHX we’ve taken a stand space within the UKWA pavilion which gives us a great space to build business relationships and network with the industry’s best.

The last IMHX was 2016. How has your business changed since then?

In the last 3 years we have seen our range grow rapidly to meet the demands of the ever changing warehouse and logistics market. In this time our customer base has also diversified and this has resulted in us stocking more products than ever in our UK warehouse.

Our brand team has also expanded in this time which now allows us to offer a full range of marketing tools for our customers as well as promotional support both online and offline.

Since 2016 we have also placed a greater emphasis on environmental initiatives. As a large manufacturer, we understand the importance of our social and environmental responsibility and we’ve always exuded a culture of corporate social responsibility.

As consumers have become more aware of environmental issues, we’ve shared our successes in the hope to inspire other similar businesses. We were recently recognised by the UKWA for our commitment to sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint and have been awarded the 2019 UKWA Environmental Award.

Which other countries do you operate in besides the UK? Which overseas markets are most important for you?

DURABLE are a German manufacturer and our products are sold in over 80 countries worldwide by our headquarters in Iserlohn, which is in the heart of Germany, as well as our 12 subsidiaries based in Europe and the US.

In more recent times, due to growing demand, we have invested in manufacturing sites in Poland and the Netherlands which now operate alongside our flagship production plants in Germany.

Some of key markets include Germany, UK, France, USA, Italy and Poland where we’ve already seen tremendous growth over the last few years in the warehouse sector.

It’s three years to the next IMHX. Where do you see your company going in that time?

DURABLE has thrived for 100 years because we design new and innovative products to meet changing workplace needs and we expect this to be no different in the future. Our warehouse and logistics solution offering will continue to grow as will our team, so we expect to go from strength to strength in the next 3 years.


Durable UK Ltd

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