Welcome to the Warehouse & Logistics News Annual 2023, an in-depth look at some of the top companies and trade associations within the warehousing industry. We extend our thanks to all the supporters of The Annual and in particular our Headline Sponsor, Kite Packaging.


The twelfth edition of The Annual includes a detailed study of all the key businesses having an impact on the industry. We interview some of the leading individuals and companies in the sector, with trade associations providing updates on what has happened over the last year and looking ahead to 2023.

The warehousing and storage industry has grown over much of the last five years, with revenue projected to grow at a compound annual rate of 4.3% to £25.5 billion, according to Ibisworld. Rising demand has been underpinned by increasing online sales, promoted by growing demand for fast-moving consumer goods. Due to rising demand, stock flows increased through warehouses and distribution centres for the majority of the period.

No one would have predicted 2022. Following on from the pandemic, it felt that the key themes of the year would be the continuing impacts of staff shortages across the entire supply chain. However, the war in Ukraine, rising inflation and the resulting cost of living crisis soon took centre stage. For many in the industry, this has focused their attention towards recruiting and retaining staff to ensure fair treatment whilst endeavouring to keep prices for customers and consumers realistic.

Demand for warehouse space continues to outstrip supply, which is driving up costs, in part due to the unstoppable rise of e-commerce.

The current disruptive economic environment is adding to the challenges and complexities already present in our supply chains. Customers expect faster shipping, low prices and improved sustainability. The pressure is on for companies to make cost savings and become more efficient in allocating resources. Common problems lead to companies asking how they can reduce operating costs, improve efficiency in the warehouse and automate routine processes.

The outlook is one of cautious optimism. There continues to be a desire for increased supply chain resilience, with the pandemic having made many firms realise that they need to be better prepared for potential disruption in the future.

As 2023 will be full of both challenges and opportunities, Warehouse & Logistics News, the industry’s only fortnightly title, will keep you up to date with all the news and features.

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