First of all, Philippe, can you talk us through the different products and services DistriSort provides?

Philippe Sanders, Marketing & Sales developer of DistriSort Projects BV.

DistriSort is the inhouse integrator of EuroSort. DistriSort was founded in 2003 to serve the small dedicated sorting projects which were neglected by the large system integrators. We provide turn-key sorting solutions, within a EuroSort sorter, to small, medium and large end-users who need a sorting solution.

DistriSort is a sorting specialist for single items in flat sorting (= individual product is falling directly into the exit, a box, a bag or a tote).

The patented tray of the single and dual split tray sorter even makes it possible to stack directly into a tote or carton, minimizing the extra labour to repack the individual order. Turn-key means that we deliver from scratch to commissioning in one hand. We have our own assembly and software department including electrical wiring.

We also have project management, a commissioning crew and service and support department. Therefore quality is guaranteed within the process and not depending on outsourced companies.

What sets your company apart as a supplier in your category?

DistriSort Projects BV only uses the mechanical sorting machines from EuroSort Systems BV. These sorting machines are constructed in a modular way, have low (DIY) maintenance modules, are easy to expand (more or less exits) and easy to adjust when the machine no longer meets the current requirements.

A sorting solution is a real option to save labour costs when 10,000 units or more per day are picked. It facilitates your growth with the same labour costs. Each distribution centre has at least one or more logistical processes like: inbound (counting for an accurate stock), outbound (push and/or pull strategy), e-commerce, returns or cross-docking flow. With a sorter concept from DistriSort you can easily do all flows on one machine.

What business sectors are your customers in? Which industry sectors are growing fastest for you?

Our customers are large, midsized and small retailers, looking for savings in the logistics. These retailers have high volume single items to process and need to bring down logistical process times and cost per product. We serve clients into the retail industry with garments, shoes, accessories, food, toys, books, multimedia, pharmacy and more. For these retailers we take care of the shop orders and/or e-commerce fulfilment. But we also provide machines for returns, crossdocking or inbound flow (counting and optimizing stock numbers). In the postal area we have large machines, PostNL, USPS and PostNord. All together we have more than 60 machines in use taking the smaller postal companies into account.

DistriSort is growing not particularly in one mentioned industry. We provide efficiency solutions. Because logistics is all about efficiency, we serve the companies who are looking for efficiency and reducing handling costs per product. Where skilled employees are not available and/or an increase of productivity is needed, we provide solutions.

The sorting solutions of DistriSort are enriched with peripherals like (hand)scanners, cameras, displays, printers, box erectors and/or closers, inbound conveyors for goods, full carton/bag conveyor, tote buffer conveyors, packing list and label printers or are integrated in warehouse solutions in combination with mini loads, automatic inductions and all other required combinations.

DistriSort provides several machines:

The Split Tray Sorter has a number of synonyms: the Flat Sorter or Bomb Bay Sorter, and is applied particularly when high capacities are requested. There are two versions of Flat sorter trays: the Single Split Tray and the Dual Split Tray. The sorting capacity of the Flat Sorter ranges from 2,500 to 23,000 units per hour. This type of sorting machine is often used in the garments and pharmaceutical industry and e-commerce order processing. The unique and patented synchronised tray mechanism with this machine makes it possible to stack products in a box, container or directly at the output exit.

The Push Tray Sorter has been specially developed to sort a wide range of items at the same time. On this machine, large bags or boxes and small packages or envelopes can be sorted in 1 batch. The Twin Push Tray Sorter increases the gross capacity and makes it possible to sort items ranging from light products in small plastic bags to heavy boxes weighing 25 kilos. This machine can also be used in combination with an automatic feeder that feeds the product into the sorting machine from above and/or from the side. For the specific possibilities of sorting and this sorting machine.

The Single Cross Tray Sorter is perfectly suited for sorting high volumes of small, lightweight and non-conveyable items. Previously non sortable items now remain safely inside the sorter carrier, are no longer seen flying out of a sorter, or sort to the wrong exit. The most innovative aspect is the tray, which is enclosed on all four sides. This feature ensures that every item large, small, flat or round – remains in the tray throughout the entire sorter loop. When the tray has reached the correct sorting exit, the cleats on both sides of the carrier will start to move. They provide a forced discharge, so that every item reaches the right exit. An additional advantage is that the cleats of the trays can move in two directions which enables two-sided discharging. This leads to a compact and scalable solution that can easily be incorporated into any layout also on mezzanine floors.

The Tilt Tray Sorter is a sorting machine of the Flat Sorter type. The capacity of a Tilt Tray sorter ranges is about 28,800 units per hour.

This machine is particularly suitable for fragile items because the products do not drop but glide out of the tray. The Tilt Tray sorting machine is highly suitable for multimedia, pharmaceutical items, jewellery, (garments) accessories and other items. The difference between the Dual and the Twin sorter, is the tray position. With the Twin Tray the trays are placed behind each other. With the Dual Tray the trays are placed next to each other. In addition, the combination of tilt and split tray is also technically possible.

Which of your core products and solutions are you presenting on your stand at IMHX? Are you launching anything new at the show?

On our stand we present the Cross Tray Sorter, our latest development which is suitable for sorting small light and round products and big parcels. This machine is particularly developed on demand for customers who are busy with ‘Chinese’ mail. The tray is fully enclosed and very suitable to sort odd sized and round articles without losing these products in the turning section of the sorter.

Why should busy professionals from the warehouse and logistics industry take time out to visit your stand at IMHX?

The main reason for visiting our combination stand (EuroSort and DistriSort) is that with a sorter solution of DistriSort savings are within reach. We show one of our models to introduce or clarify the sorter principles to the visitor.

What do you see as the main benefits to your company from being involved with IMHX?

The main benefit of the IMHX is the contact with our potential customers and showing our latest innovations on machines and peripherals.

The last IMHX was 2016. How has your business changed since then?

Since the last IMHX business didn’t change.

Can you tell us about your major customer contract wins in the last three years? Do these represent new development areas for your company?

The last years we won big projects in the UK on a large e-commerce Sports retailer and Garment company in Germany and Holland. Which other countries do you operate in besides the UK? Which overseas markets are most important for you?

DistriSort operates in North, West and South-Europe because of the availability of the 24/7 Helpdesk. Where EuroSort sells all over the world, we are focused on Europe. Germany, Poland, Spain, Holland are very important countries for us.

It’s three years to the next IMHX. Where do you see your company going in that time?

DistriSort will be an independent supplier of sorting solutions for small, midsized and large companies to improve their logistics with saving labour hours on the process of order picking and order composition without large investments in fully mechanized warehouses.



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