The loading of goods and their packaging into shipping containers for storage and or transportation will introduce additional moisture to that which is already in the container atmosphere.

Temperature changes within the container can often lead to the moisture within the goods, its labels and or packaging transferring into the container atmosphere, the humidity therefore increases. If the temperature inside the container drops due to external forces then condensation can occur. This is often called ‘container rain’ which, when present, can cause significant damage to both the goods and packaging. In order to reduce and then maintain low moisture levels inside the container it is essential to use a powerful moisture absorber.

The most powerful and cost effective on the market is 100% anhydrous Calcium Chloride, in the form of a desiccant ‘pole’. The critical factor is the pole should fit and be held securely in the corrugation in the side of the container so that they do not affect the goods being protected and cannot themselves be damaged.

The Aquadry Desiccant pole is designed specifically to negate the damaging effects of moisture inside the container and is filled with 100% anhydrous calcium chloride.

It is estimated that more than 20% of the cargo can be damaged in any one shipping container as a direct result of condensation, cargo sweat and mould growth. Therefore, using an anhydrous desiccant based product such as the Aquadry Pole to prevent moisture and container rain is critically important for the protection of goods.

Using 100% anhydrous desiccant will save you the costly and timely process of potentially replacing or refunding rejected products, not to mention the time spent dealing with insurance claims even if you do have cover in place to cover such damage.

The position of where the shipping container ends up on the ship can also have bearing on how much of an issue moisture is, and why tried and tested routes suddenly have damage occur.

This is because the container on the deck can be subject to more significant changes in temperature and humidity then those below deck. Ships are also taking longer now to move across the globe, extending the times goods are within the shipping container, which also has a bearing on how well the good fayre on the journey.

The use of the Aquadry desiccant pole in containers is highly effective in minimising the damage to goods and packaging in a very cost effective manner. The poles are very easy to install taking less than 5 mins to install in a 20′ container.

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