Over the last decade, there’s been growing momentum behind environmental campaigns that have made us all more aware of the damage that packaging waste is having on the environment. This movement has led to a shift in consumer demand and far greater scrutiny of how goods are made, how they are packaged and how they are shipped – people want to ensure that there is minimal long-term impact on the environment.

As concerned consumers, we’re not wrong in making such demands, however for many businesses there’s a worry that adapting entire shipping processes into total eco-friendly operations will come at a heavy cost and imposition.

The reality is that switching to environmentally friendly packaging is not only easy, it also won’t require any substantial operational changes, nor will it necessarily mean changing your choice of packing medium.

Plug in’ complementary packing technology

It may sound simple and that’s because it is. You’ve already invested in your packing infrastructure so rather than change it all, just look to integrate a complementary or green packaging solution to work alongside your existing systems.

At Pregis, our powerful, packing technology is designed to slot seamlessly into any existing packing environment to meet customers’ high volume, ondemand needs. Whether it’s a paper, air or loose-fill solution, the technology is totally adaptable and can easily integrate with conveyor systems, packing stations, or work freestanding.

For even more convenience, Pregis’ packaging systems can be modified in almost any way to fit into a bespoke packing area, delivering precise, low cost packaging at high speeds.

Keep your packaging medium, just switch to a greener option

For many businesses, the use of traditional plastic air bags or polystyrene chips is a convenient, tried and trusted way of protecting goods. No problem – just switch to ‘green’ air bags and green loose-fill, it’s that simple. Pregis offer a range of air and loose-fill alternatives that are recycled, biodegradable, compostable and even water soluble, all offering the same reliable protection that you enjoy now.

If you use standard kraft paper for protective void fill, then why not switch to a more sustainable paper type, such as Pregis’ 100% recycled, recyclable and biodegradable paper? Not only will you benefit from a wide choice of paper options to pack all types of goods, you will also receive an annual tree certificate which shows how many new trees you have saved over the year – a message that your customers will love! All of our environmentally friendly packaging solutions are also designed to be energy efficient, ergonomic and userfriendly too.

Every little helps

The important message here is that businesses shouldn’t be worried about moving towards more sustainable packing methods, as your shipping standards shouldn’t be compromised in any way. So, rather than trying to change your entire operation at once, just begin by changing some of it.

Start today with a packaging audit

To start building your hybrid packing environment, start by booking a FREE Packaging Audit. For more information on our range of green packaging solutions please visit Alternatively, please call 01438 740649 or email


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