Hörmann UK has doubled its team of service engineers over the last year to a total of 20 professionals, to help ensure it provides both clients and nonclients across the UK with the highest standard of servicing, in the shortest time possible.

Machine downtime can cost a business up to £500,000 each year, an amount that can significantly impact a company’s overall success and turnover. Due to this, it’s crucial for businesses, particularly those in logistics, to ensure their loading bays are in operation and safe working condition at all times.

To achieve this, the equipment must be supported with regular servicing from trained and qualified engineers who can ensure the systems have not been installed or used incorrectly, and if they have, rectify any issues immediately.

While Safety at Work Regulations do not dictate a set number of times a loading bay must be serviced, Hörmann UK recommends that loading technology is serviced at least twice a year, or more frequently if the technology is located in a high usage area. During these regular services, Hörmann’s team of professionals will complete a comprehensive check to reveal any potential issues or damages to loading bays and dock levellers. Hörmann UK’s team of qualified engineers work above the industry standard of servicing by comprehensively analysing 30-40 different areas and components as part of the service to ensure each area of the loading bay is functioning safely and correctly.

Following these checks, they also provide a list of recommendations or improvements required to help customers increase the functionality of their systems.

While all loading technology must adhere to EN Safety Standards: EN1398, the responsibility of ensuring that loading areas are working correctly and efficiently lies with manufacturers and company owners. Hörmann UK understands the importance of uptime, so the nationwide network of engineers is available to attend properties within two to four hours of a fault occurring to help minimise any potential reduction in operations.

Hörmann UK’s trained service engineers can also offer recommendations on systems that can be put in place to reduce accidents such as radar sensors and vehicle alignment guides that ensure heavy goods vehicles do not reverse into loading bays or injure those working nearby. Companies can get in contact with Hörmann UK’s engineers at any time find out how their systems and operations can be adapted to minimise the risk of downtime and preventable accidents in the workplace.

As well as having access to highly trained engineers, it is also important that company owners hold critical spare parts for regularly used machinery on site. In doing so, they can work alongside the engineers to help get their equipment running quickly and smoothly.

As an original equipment manufacturer, Hörmann UK is able to offer competitive pricing on spare parts for a wide range of loading bay products, not just their own. The team of highly skilled engineers is on hand to support customers and non-customers with replacements, to ensure the technology in use is compliant and fit for use.

For further information on Hörmann UK’s servicing department, call 01530 516850 or visit: and-renovators/servicecontact/.


Tel: 01530 516850


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